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New York Nails

+1 412-421-6465
4215 Murray Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15217 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About New York Nails

New York Nails Place is a popular nail salon that has received mixed reviews from customers. In order to provide a thorough analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the salon, we will examine the comments provided by customers.
Starting with the positive comments, one customer mentioned that they enjoyed their services and had a positive experience with a nail technician who took time and care with their nails. This indicates that the salon has at least one skilled and attentive technician, which is a strength. The customer also expressed their intention to return, which suggests a level of satisfaction and loyalty.
Another customer commended the salon for saving their damaged nail and praised the quality of work. They also highlighted the cleanliness of the salon and the friendly staff, which are important factors for customers seeking a pleasant and hygienic environment. This indicates that the salon has strengths in terms of cleanliness, customer service, and attention to detail.
However, there are several negative comments that highlight weaknesses in the salon's services. One customer expressed dissatisfaction with their gel manicure and pedicure, as they found every nail to be misshapen with bubbles and uneven polish. In addition, they mentioned that the entire process took three hours, which is an excessive amount of time for these services. This indicates a weakness in terms of skill and efficiency.
Another customer was disappointed with their regular manicure and pedicure, as they felt that the nail technician did not provide proper cuticle care, and the nail shape and polish application were inconsistent and sloppy. This suggests a decline in quality compared to previous visits, which is a weakness for the salon.
Furthermore, a customer reported that more than half of their nails chipped badly within 24 hours of their manicure. They expressed their frustration with the salon's response, as they were told that there is no guarantee for regular polish and that the amount of chipping was normal. This indicates a weakness in terms of the salon's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.
Another negative comment mentioned that the salon has declined in quality and service in recent times. The customer observed that the person in charge was rude and disrespectful, the nail technician did a mediocre job, and the salon lacked cleanliness and sanitation. This highlights weaknesses in terms of professionalism, skill, and hygiene.
Lastly, a customer had a disappointing experience with their overlay and pedicure. They mentioned that their appointment lasted three hours, the polish was dried out, and the paint started chipping as soon as they went home. They expressed their dissatisfaction with the quality of service and the shaping of their nails. This indicates weaknesses in terms of efficiency, product quality, and attention to customer preferences.
In conclusion, New York Nails Place has several strengths, including skilled and attentive technicians, cleanliness, and friendly staff. However, there are significant weaknesses in terms of skill, efficiency, product quality, customer service, and consistency. These weaknesses, as highlighted by negative customer comments, indicate areas where the salon could improve in order to provide a better overall experience for their customers.

Best TL Reviews

I enjoyed my services. I got a decent pedicure and I found a great new nail technician who took time and care with my nails. Definitely going back ????
Went here for a gel manicure and pedicure and was extremely disappointed. Every nail was misshapen, had bubbles and/or edges with uneven polish. These photos are from AFTER they “fixed” them. The entire mani/pedi process took THREE HOURS. Even after that, I was still expected to pay full price ($80) for both services.
Yasssssss amazing service. They done saved my damaged nail. Look at the pic fam you tell which one it is. Work is exquisite. Best prices . Soooo clean and staff is super sweet.
Went to an appt for regular mani/pedi as my normal manicurist/shop was on vacation. The pedi was not great and my manicure was terrible. Went to the older man that sits in the back near the sinks. There was no cuticle care, my nail shape was different on every nail and the polish application was sloppy. I used to go here often and never used to have these issues but assumed the quality just drastically declined and deleted their contact info on my way out.
What really upset me was not even 24 hrs later more than half of my nails were chipped badly - like half the nail polish was off. I get manicures monthly and never had this happen. Not sure if they’re thinning out the polish or if it was just the poor application. I called and was told “there is guarantee with regular polish,” he tried to tell me this amount of chipping was normal - it absolutely is not. I obviously won’t be back but it’s a shame this shop couldn’t care less about their quality of work.
I only interacted with the one man, he was very friendly, and I felt like he was accepting of and sweet to my special needs son who had to sit with me. Great price and I am picky about my nails and am very pleased. I recommend and would return.
Love their work. I wouldn't go anywhere else that's for sure. I've actually felt comfortable enough to allow my daughter to get her nails done and with no surprise they turned out amazing as well...
If you went here prior to the pandemic this place was the absolute best - for price and service. However, the last two times I was here ( this year) it had gone pretty far down hill. First, the guy in charge was very rude, disrespectful, acting arrogantly and was sitting in the pedicure chairs playing on his phone, talking and joking? loudly with the employees while customers were getting their nails done. Total turn off! Second, my nails ended up uneven, not cut like I had asked and the polish was lumpy and didn’t last long. The guy/ girl did a mediocre job at best. And it’s not that clean, sanitary. I won’t go here again and am looking for another good nail salon. Way too bad!!
Was a regular, went today to get my overlay and pedi worst experience ever. Had a appointment for three was there for three hours. Polish was dried out and as soon as I went home got in the shower and dried off my paint was chipped and coming off. Called before they closed to come back tomorrow. If it is corrected I'll change review. But for $75 dollars I feel as though I should had quality and proper service. Also nails are not evenly shaped and they cut them down lower than what I asked for.

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