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Quick Facts About Ocean Nail & Spa

Ocean Nail & Spa has received a mix of positive and negative comments from customers, highlighting both strengths and weaknesses of the place. In this analysis, we will explore these comments and examine the strengths and weaknesses in detail.
Starting with the strengths of Ocean Nail & Spa, several customers have praised the friendly and attentive service provided by the staff. They specifically mentioned Joe and Caroline, noting their friendliness and attention to detail during their services. This indicates that the staff at Ocean Nail & Spa are skilled at providing good customer service, making customers feel welcome and comfortable.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the cleanliness and decor of the spa. The recent renovation and expansion of services have resulted in a clean and nicely decorated interior. This suggests that the owners of Ocean Nail & Spa have invested in creating a visually pleasing and hygienic environment for their customers.
The availability of multiple pedicure chairs is also highlighted as a strength of Ocean Nail & Spa. With 8 chairs available, the spa can accommodate large groups and bridal parties. This is a valuable feature for customers who want to get their nails done together or for those who are planning special events.
Reasonable prices are another strength mentioned by customers. They have noted that despite the high-quality service provided, the prices at Ocean Nail & Spa are affordable. This suggests that the spa offers good value for money, making it an attractive option for customers looking for professional nail care services without breaking the bank.
On the other hand, there are several weaknesses mentioned by customers that need to be addressed by Ocean Nail & Spa. One recurring complaint is regarding the durability of the manicures. One customer noted that their gel manicure peeled right off after a few days, with seven of their nails losing the polish. Another customer expressed disappointment in the quality of their nails, mentioning chipping and peeling. These comments indicate that there may be inconsistencies in the quality of the nail services provided at Ocean Nail & Spa.
There are also some comments about poor communication and service experiences. One customer mentioned that there were no prices listed anywhere, creating confusion for customers. Another customer complained of a technician being late and talking on the phone during the service, which could suggest a lack of professionalism and attention to the client. These comments highlight the need for improvements in communication and ensuring that customers feel prioritized and well-informed throughout their experience at the spa.
Several customers expressed concerns about the limited selection of regular nail polish at Ocean Nail & Spa. They mentioned that despite having a whole wall of regular polish, it was only for pedicures and not for other services. This suggests that there may be a lack of options for customers who prefer regular polish over gel options, limiting their choices and potentially leading to dissatisfaction.
In terms of pricing, there are mixed opinions. While some customers praised the reasonable prices, others found them to be too high for the quality of service received. One customer mentioned being charged $60 for a basic gel pedicure, which they felt was overpriced compared to their usual experiences. This indicates that there may be a discrepancy between the perceived value of the services and the actual cost for some customers.
In conclusion, Ocean Nail & Spa has several strengths, including friendly service, a clean and nicely decorated environment, availability for large groups, and reasonable prices. However, weaknesses such as durability issues with manicures, poor communication, limited selection of regular polish, and mixed opinions on pricing need to be addressed to improve the overall customer experience. It is important for Ocean Nail & Spa to take these comments into consideration in order to maintain and improve their reputation as a nail and spa place.

Best TL Reviews

My mom and I both just had pedicures today at this wonderful spa. Joe and Caroline took great care of us and were very friendly and easy to talk to. Their attention to detail was fantastic and my toes still look great even after walking on the beach. They recently renovated and expanded their services, and it is very clean and nicely decorated inside. They have 8 chairs for pedicures, so it would be a great place for large groups, bridal parties, etc. Their prices are very reasonable, especially for the premiere service you receive. Please support this small business!
I got my nails done 4 days ago here. The service was very nice but my nails have not held up. I got a simple gel manicure and the polish has just peeled right off. Seven of my nails don't have polish on them anymore. The price was another crazy thing. 50 dollars for a simple manicure...crazy and for them to just chip and peel off not worth it again.
Walked in the store and was getting ready to get a fill in but they only use gel, would not use regular Polish.. Ridiculous as they have a whole wall of regular Polish and they say that's only for pedicures..
This was the worst manicure I’ve gotten and I’m incredibly disappointed in how my nails turned out. I asked for dip and was told there was no availability, but got a call back and was told that I had to come in right then, so I did. When I arrived there was no one in the front and I stood around waiting for someone to show when a middle aged man came and didn’t say anything but pointed at a chair for me to sit at. No prices anywhere. Immediately it felt rushed and he used the drill so fast it felt hot through my fingers, then he cut himself and bled, onto my hand, and didn’t have me wash my hands!! His technique for applying the dip was a whole other thing and he only does 2 layers where I’ve standard always gotten at least 4. One of my nails has a black piece of fuzz in the polish. There was no attention made for cuticles and the dip polish is peeling from it being dried under my nails. At the end he put cuticle oil on my nails and had my rub it in like lotion over my hands, then said I was done and could leave. So I’m stuck with this greasy oil all over my hands until I can find a place to wash it off. It ended up being $60, and my husband not knowing any better tipped decent. Not worth it at all and avoid this place 100% if you can.
I was very disappointed. Nail tech was 15 mins late for my appt. Talked on his phone nearly the entire time he did my pedicure. I can still see slopped-on gel on the skin around 3 of my nails, along with an unevenly trimmed nail, which supports my opinion he rushed me thru. I wanted a paraffin wax treatment but wasn't offered any choices at all. I'm a new full-time resident here, and I guess I'm still on the hunt for "my" nail salon.
I’ve been getting my nails done professionally for over 10 years; I was traveling through the area and decided to stop here due to location convenience. This place is overpriced for mediocre quality. It felt rushed, no communication if I wanted my nails cut/filed and he deeply cut into my big toe, twice. No pricing listed anywhere but it totaled out $60 for one basic gel pedicure, no extra scrubs/stones/waxes/designs added with also an extra charge if using a card vs cash. It is what it is but I expect a better experience & results for almost double the price I usual pay for a decent pedicure.
My mom and I are on vacation and wanted pedicures so we looked at the top rated nail salon. We called to secure two spots. Their regular nail polish selection was lacking to say the least. There were almost no pricing whatsoever, when we did find the large posters on the wall, the print was too small to read. Their prices were little crazy, normal pedicure being $30 and theirs started at $40. My pedicurist had no trouble bashing on my nails and said he didn't want to see my toes anymore. I did my own gel a few days ago but I'm disabled so I thought I did a pretty good job but he continues to make fun of my paint job. The pumous stone used to scrub my feet ended back on his cart to reused and just f
Rinced it in my feet water. Ben did my service. The other employees were very sweet eith the other customers. Especially my mom. After my polish fully dried they looked like I did them on a bad day. Would not pay $40 for that. Everything in the shop looked wiped down, except there was so many open cases which made the salon feel unfinished. 2/10 I would never go back. We tired $10 for each person that took care of our services but when you go to a salon and spa you want to feel absolutely taken care of and it felt like they were pushing us out the door.
I got a very hard design to do and the man who did my nails, Chris, did absolutely amazing! I’m obsessed with them and he did it exactly how I asked. The salon was very beautiful and calming, I really do recommend coming to this salon!

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