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Rainbow Nails

+1 708-457-9294
4137 N Harlem Ave, Norridge, IL 60706 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 08:00 PM

Quick Facts About Rainbow Nails

Rainbow Nails has received a mix of positive and negative feedback, which allows us to highlight both its strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, one common theme among the comments is the quality of service provided by the staff. Many customers mentioned that the foot massage during pedicures is fantastic and helps them feel refreshed. The staff at Rainbow Nails is praised for their ability to make customers' feet look fresh and aesthetically pleasing. This emphasizes their expertise in providing pedicures and ensuring customer satisfaction. Additionally, the staff members are commended for being friendly, nice, and accommodating. Customers appreciate the welcoming atmosphere and the effort made by the staff to fit them in, even if they walk in without an appointment.
Another strength mentioned is the expertise of specific staff members. Cookie is specifically highlighted for her ability to prevent ingrown nails and her attention to detail. Customers have expressed a high level of trust in Cookie due to her knowledge, care, and respect for their needs and preferences. This showcases the expertise and professionalism of some staff members at Rainbow Nails.
The speed at which the staff completes the services is also appreciated. It is mentioned that they did a fast and amazing job on a customer's daughter's nails before school, proving their efficiency and ability to meet tight deadlines.
On the other hand, there are some weaknesses that have been mentioned by customers. One recurring complaint is the dissatisfaction with a particular staff member named Kim. One customer stated that Kim did a poor job on their nails, leaving nail polish on their fingers, hands, and skin. The customer also noted that the shape of their nails was inconsistent, with some being oval and others square. This indicates a lack of attention to detail and possibly inadequate training or skill on the part of Kim.
Another weak point mentioned is the pricing. One customer expressed disappointment with the quality of the service provided in relation to the price charged. They felt that the service was not worth the nearly $60 they paid, implying that the prices at Rainbow Nails may be higher than the value received.
It is important to note that the negative comments seem to be focused on individual staff members rather than the overall salon. Some customers specifically mentioned other staff members, like the woman sitting next to Kim, as being capable and providing good service. This suggests that the quality of service at Rainbow Nails may vary depending on the specific staff member performing the service.
In conclusion, Rainbow Nails has strengths in terms of the quality of services provided by some staff members, such as the foot massage during pedicures and the expertise of individuals like Cookie. The friendliness and accommodating nature of the staff, along with their efficiency, are also positive aspects. However, there are weaknesses in terms of inconsistent service quality, specifically related to a particular staff member named Kim. Additionally, some customers find the pricing to be high in comparison to the value received. Overall, the salon seems to have potential but may benefit from addressing the issues raised in the negative comments.

Best TL Reviews

I am a man and I am very picky about where I go.
This facility is great! The foot massage is fantastic when I am getting my pedicures! I travel a lot so I need my feet to look fresh and they do every time because of these women! What a wonderful place to be! They even put on the game for me so I could watch football! Highly recommended!
Cookie is amazing! I have full trust in her and she saves me from ingrown nails. Occasionally, my husband agrees to see her and he trusts no one but her because of her care, ability to relate well, and respect of his setting limitations about what's okay or not okay. She's thorough, professional, relatable, respectful, and an expert.
this place is amazing everyone is always so nice! always walk in and if not will make sure to fit u in. great for designs and trendy nails
My daughter wanted her nails done before she went back to school and they did a fast and amazing job! My daughter was so happy and staff was so friendly!
Please look at the picture, and tell me if Is it a good job ? I dont think so. I am visiting this nail salon every two weeks to do my nails, but today was my last time. Kim was doing my nails, and I dont like it. I have a nail polish everywhere.. on my fingers, hands and skin. Nails have different shapes. Couple of them are oval, rest of them are square. I have no idea what she did, but I know that I paid almost $60 for something what is not nice. Every time when she was doing my nails, I didn’t like it, but today she did the worst job. I will looking for another nails salon. Waste of time, and waste of money.
They only one person who is doing nails really nice is woman who is sitting next to Kim. She was doing my nails twice, and I was really happy.
Highly recommended! I always leave happy!
Rosie and her ladies do an amazing Job!
I’ve been going to Rosie for years & she does an amazing job! Definitely recommend!! 10/10
If you’re going to charge up at least do the job right. ????????‍♀️ If you want quality service for fair prices. This place ain’t it ????

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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