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Romy's Beauty Salon

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614 W Main St #1, Meriden, CT 06451 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Romy's Beauty Salon

Romy's Beauty Salon has several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, customers consistently mention that Romy is sweet, professional, and friendly. This suggests that Romy creates a welcoming and pleasant atmosphere for her clients. Additionally, Romy is praised for her ability to handle different hair types, particularly thick and coily hair. Customers appreciate that Romy takes the time to detangle, deep condition, and blow out their hair without causing any scalp burns. This demonstrates Romy's expertise and skill in handling various hair textures.
Another strength of Romy's Beauty Salon is its efficiency. Multiple customers mention that Romy works quickly and completes their hair services in a timely manner. This is important for customers who have busy schedules and do not have the luxury of spending excessive time at the salon. Additionally, the affordability of Romy's services is mentioned as a positive aspect. Customers appreciate that Romy provides quality hair care at an affordable price point.
Furthermore, the comments highlight Romy's customer service skills. She is described as making clients feel comfortable and taking the time to understand their hair concerns and preferences. This personalized approach indicates that Romy values her clients' satisfaction and is willing to discuss and suggest the best options for their hair.
However, there are also weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer claims that Romy is rude and condescending, specifically mentioning that she eavesdropped on a phone conversation. This behavior is unprofessional and can make customers feel uncomfortable and unwilling to return to the salon. Romy should be mindful of boundaries and focus on providing excellent hair services rather than involving herself in clients' personal conversations.
In summary, Romy's Beauty Salon has several strengths, including Romy's professionalism, ability to handle different hair types, efficiency, affordability, and customer service skills. However, the salon should address the issue of the owner being rude and invasive, as this can negatively impact the overall customer experience. By focusing on consistently providing excellent hair services and maintaining a respectful and welcoming atmosphere, Romy's Beauty Salon can continue to grow and attract satisfied customers.

Best TL Reviews

Today was my first time at Romy’s and it was an awesome experience! Romy was very sweet and professional. I came into her shop looking a mess, my hair is natural and it’s THICK coily 4c hair. It wasn’t fully combed out it was tangled, dry, like it needed help! Professional help! ???? and that’s exactly what she provided. She washed and detangled my hair, deep conditioned and blew it out and clipped my ends. She didn’t burn me not once! Not even close! I’ve never been to a shop that didn’t burn my scalp trying to straighten my roots so that was awesome. She used heat protection; she was friendly, she was quick, she gave me an affordable price, and overall it was just a great experience! Highly recommend.
When I walk in it was a pleasant atmosphere, Romy took care of me , she ask me what I was looking do to my hair . I was so surprised how quick , she did my hair . At the end im happy & satisfied on how she did my hair . Romy was so sweet she made feel like we know each other for years . This my new place for me & my girls God bless you . ????????
The owner of this salon is very rude and condescending. She is NOSY and likes to mind other people's business. She was eavesdropping on my phone conversation and made an unwelcome comment. She should focus on doing hair, not on people's phone conversations.
I will not return to this salon. I don't recommend this salon at all.
Romy was awesome!!! She made me feel comfortable, and knew how to take care of my 4b natural hair. She made suggestions and we discussed what would be best for my hair. I will definitely be back!!
I tried this salon for the first time on January 8, 2022. I have been experiencing severe hair loss for over a year now and I was reluctant to continue to go to a salon. Reluctantly, I did a google search and found this place.
I telephoned the salon and was greeted by a female who later identified herself as “Romey.” She told me that I could receive service within 30 minutes and she quoted me a price with a $5 differential.
I arrived within 30 minutes and I was greeted and received service shortly thereafter. Romey checked in on me as I was getting my hair washed and made certain I was ok under the dryer. This was a much more welcoming and comfortable experience than I had ever received at a salon.
Prior to blowing my hair, Romey asked me about my heat preference. My prior experience at other salons has been with super high heat that dam near scorches my scalp. I really appreciated Romey asking ahead of time. While she blowed my hair, we talked and I learned that she shares my love of dogs. I will return here again tomorrow and every 2 weeks thereafter. She also charged me at the lower end of the quote I received over the phone.
I highly recommend this salon if you want professional service at an affordable price. Romey recognized that I was a new customer and she made me feel welcome. Thank you Romey!
Friendly and efficient! Went for a blow out and the service was great
I called the shop and was seen same day. Made an appointment for my daughter and I. Usually when we get our hair blown out (4c) it burns. Romy was so
Gentle and not one burn from the blow dryer and our hair came out super straight. Thank you Romy for taking great care with our hair, we love it!!!!
Muy amable las chicas y muy atentas con las clientela … muy buen blower q me dura casi una semana y 1/2 a mi no me dura tanto un blower solo me dura 3 días por lo grasoso q es mi cráneo.. recomendado 100% precios muy buenos

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