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SAPPHIRE NAIL SPA has received mostly positive feedback from customers who appreciate the cleanliness of the salon, the friendliness of the staff, and the quality of the services. These strengths contribute to a pleasant and satisfying experience for customers. The positive comments also highlight the professionalism of the staff and their ability to meet customer expectations.
One key strength of SAPPHIRE NAIL SPA is their cleanliness. Multiple customers specifically mention the salon's cleanliness and sanitization practices. This is a crucial aspect, especially when it comes to nail salons, as hygiene and sanitation are important for the health and safety of customers. The fact that customers consistently comment on the cleanliness indicates that SAPPHIRE NAIL SPA takes this aspect seriously and maintains a clean and hygienic environment.
Another strength mentioned by customers is the friendliness and professional demeanor of the staff. Customers appreciate the warm and welcoming atmosphere created by the staff at SAPPHIRE NAIL SPA. This positive customer service experience helps customers feel relaxed and comfortable during their visit. Friendliness also contributes to building lasting relationships with customers and encourages them to return for future services.
Several customers have specifically mentioned their satisfaction with the services provided by Ricky, one of the nail professionals at SAPPHIRE NAIL SPA. This highlights the skill and expertise of the staff, and their ability to meet customer preferences and requests. Having talented and experienced nail professionals is important for customer satisfaction, as it ensures that customers get the results they desire.
The positive comments about the aesthetics of the salon also indicate a strength of SAPPHIRE NAIL SPA. Customers mention the gorgeous decor and the efforts made to create an appealing ambiance. Attention to detail in the salon's appearance can enhance the overall experience for customers by creating a visually pleasing environment.
However, there are also a few weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One customer had a negative experience with the pricing and service provided by the reception staff. The customer mentioned that they were misquoted the price and then had a disagreement about an additional charge for a specific service. This suggests a lack of communication and flexibility in addressing customer concerns. Management's failure to make an exception for a small charge to keep the customer happy highlights a weakness in customer service.
Another weakness mentioned by a dissatisfied customer was the lack of exceptional service. Although they acknowledged that the service was okay, they felt it was not worth the higher price compared to other nail shops that provide better service at a lower cost. This suggests that SAPPHIRE NAIL SPA may need to focus on improving the quality of their services to match customer expectations.
In conclusion, SAPPHIRE NAIL SPA has several strengths, including their cleanliness, friendly staff, and the ability to meet customer requests. These strengths contribute to positive customer experiences. However, there are also weaknesses, such as inflexible pricing and the need for improvement in service quality. By addressing these weaknesses and building upon their strengths, SAPPHIRE NAIL SPA can continue to improve and provide a better experience for their customers.

Best TL Reviews

This salon is so clean and nice! The staff is wonderful and they did exactly what I wanted! Highly recommend!
GREAT experience I NEVER go any other place! The owner is my favorite, But all the staff is perfect at their craft ???????? VERY CLEAN AND SANATIZED AS WELL !!!! truly look to please a customers wants ❤️❤️❤️
Very gorgeous place and great customer service! I got gel polish and overlay on my two big toes ($35) and a full set ($60) both by Ricky!
Got a pedicure, and the staff was really nice and professional. They just opened up their salon, and I would 10/10 go again! I had Ricky as my nail professional and he was so thorough and gentle. Highly recommend!
Literally go rnow, perfectly done easy and quick. Very clean and very professional. Def comin back yo
Upon checking in with the reception, services and cost of services were explained. After services had already begun reception informed me that they had misquoted me the price and asked if I was okay with an increase in price. I was and said yes, because it was an honest mistake.
However, I explained to reception that I would not be getting any polish and ask if I could just have my nails buffed. I was told that it was included in the service. This was specific.
At the end of my service when I requested to have my nails buffed instead of Polish they wanted to add an additional charge. This was a problem for me since it was discussed specifically before services ever begun.
Under the circumstances management could have made an exception to provide the services that were agreed. For my part, after being misquoted I had already agreed to an increase in price. Now they were wanting to do a second increase in price.
This simply was not fair. What makes this so egregious is the increase in price was only $5. This is a charge that management could have waived.
The service itself was okay but nothing fantastic or out of this world. There are plenty of other nail shops that provide better service at less cost.
I suggest not using this one because management is not flexible to keep customers happy. Additionally, as previously stated the service was not above average.
The only way I see myself going back is if management was to apologize and offer something for me to return. I don't expect that will ever happen since they were too cheap to waive a $5 charge after I had already agreed to a far greater increase in pricing.
Don't use this nail shop. Find one that's more customer friendly.
They did a pretty good job. They did a great job decorating the place too
Love this salon! Everyone here is so friendly! Cleanliness is always something I worry about when getting any service done and they exceed my expectations. The quality of service is definitely worth every penny. My Mom and I come here all the time and we are never disappointed.

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