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Quick Facts About Top Nail

Top Nail Place is a nail salon that seems to have a strong reputation for its excellent service and reasonable prices. Customers often highly recommend the salon, praising the quality of their work, customer service, and cleanliness. However, there is a negative review that highlights some concerning aspects of the salon's practices, such as questionable sanitation and the use of misleading marketing tactics. Let's delve into the strengths and weaknesses of Top Nail Place based on these comments.
One of the major strengths of Top Nail Place is their consistent and reasonable prices. Customers appreciate that they are not subjected to fluctuating prices or unexpected additional charges. This transparency in pricing creates a sense of trust and reliability, which contributes to customer satisfaction. The salon's commitment to providing a fantastic job on both nails and toes is another strength. Multiple customers praise the quality of work, mentioning that their nails last a long time and look good throughout. This indicates that the salon employs skilled technicians who take their time to ensure customer satisfaction.
Furthermore, the salon receives accolades for their customer service and welcoming atmosphere. The prompt seating upon arrival and friendly staff make customers feel valued and comfortable. This contributes to the overall positive experience of visiting the salon. Additionally, Top Nail Place is commended for accommodating younger customers, as they are willing to do a 12-year-old's nails. This inclusivity is a strength, as it shows the salon's versatility and willingness to cater to a variety of customers.
Another strength of Top Nail Place is the cleanliness of the salon. Multiple reviews highlight that the salon is clean and that the staff uses proper implements and steps. This is a crucial factor in any nail salon, as poor sanitation can lead to infections or other health issues. The positive feedback regarding cleanliness indicates that Top Nail Place takes hygiene seriously, creating a safe environment for their customers.
On the other hand, there are some weaknesses that need to be addressed. One negative review raises concerns about the sanitation practices of Top Nail Place. The customer questions whether the utensils used were properly sanitized, as they were not wrapped as they should be. This is a significant issue, as proper sanitation is a fundamental requirement for any nail salon. If these concerns are true, it could pose a health risk to customers and erode trust in the salon's reputation.
Another weakness highlighted in a review is the misleading marketing of gel nails. According to the customer, the salon claims to offer gel nails but actually provides acrylic nails with gel polish and top coat. This results in customers paying extra for something they do not receive. This discrepancy undermines the salon's transparency and can leave customers feeling deceived. While the customer still acknowledges the salon's good work and friendly staff, this misleading marketing tactic can be a deterrent for potential customers who are specifically seeking gel nails.
In conclusion, Top Nail Place has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. These include consistent and reasonable prices, excellent customer service, high-quality work, and a clean environment. However, there are also weaknesses that need to be addressed, such as concerns about sanitation practices and misleading marketing regarding gel nails. By addressing these weaknesses and maintaining their strengths, Top Nail Place can continue to build a strong and loyal customer base.

Best TL Reviews

I love coming here.. I tried a few other places recently, but always find myself back at this one. Their prices are always the same and reasonable, everywhere else I've been I never get charged the same thing and sometimes I have paid more for less. Always do a fantastic job on toes and nails and they take their time and get it done right. Highly recommend any of the ladies there they all do an amazing job. ???????? I would take a pic of my pedicure but my toes are chubby lol. They are just plain black with gel color.
Highly recommend, got seated as soon as I walked in. Great customer service. Very welcoming. These nails make me feel so pretty. So happy with the quality and time taken on these nails. Couldn’t get any better.
I come here once or twice a month. They do the best job on our nails and feet . They also do my granddaughters nails . It's hard to find a nail salon that will do a 12 year olds nails . They use the best products . The staff is super nice and friendly. Great prices . That's what matters to me great work & good prices.
They do a GREAT job! My nails last so long and look good the whole time. Would recommend to friends and family. Friendly and clean.
This was THE ABSOLUTE WORST experience EVER!!!! I gave it one star because you can't give it negative stars. It took over 3 hours for 3 of us to get pedicures and one to get SNS. They started all of us staggered and separately, even though we were together. I'm not sure they used sanitized utensils... they were in a cabinet, in a tray, but not wrapped like they were properly cleaned. The girl cut into my cuticles several times and scrubbed a raw spot into my big toe, I had to tell her to stop because she was hurting me. The SNS nails were rough, she didn't smooth them down at all. They look like they were dipped in sand!!! We will never be back to this place!
Daughter & I walked in. Wait was short. mani w/hot stone massage was lovely. Hand/arm massage felt so good. Super job on gel toes & nails. Friendly, safe staff. Love coming to Top Nails.
I always get acrylic nails and I wanted to try gel nails at the time I honestly wasn't really thinking or paying to much attention which Is my own fault but their 'gel' nails is just acrylic with gel polish and top coat. You pay a extra $10-15 for gel nails but you dont really get what you think you are. I've now done research and most places that claim to do gel nails just use that polish and call it something it really isn't. But other than that everyone in there was pretty nice and did do a good job with my nails it just wasn't really what I thought I was getting.
Everyone was super nice and the place was very clean. They used all the right steps and implements, as a cosmetologist I highly recommend them. Only 45 for pink and white with gel overlay.

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