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Victor Emporium

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45 N Main St, Victor, ID 83455 United States of America
Open Today: 11:00 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Victor Emporium

Victor Emporium is known for several strengths that make it a popular destination for visitors. Firstly, the store offers a wide variety of gifts, souvenirs, and accessories, allowing customers to find unique and eclectic items to take home. This appeals to those who are looking for something different and want to support local businesses. Additionally, the staff at Victor Emporium is frequently described as friendly and accommodating, creating a welcoming atmosphere for customers. This positive customer service experience adds to the overall appeal of the store.
One major highlight of Victor Emporium is their world-renowned huckleberry shake. Customers rave about the deliciousness of this signature treat, with many recommending it to others. The huckleberry shake has become synonymous with Victor Emporium, drawing in customers who specifically seek out this specialty item. The shake is often described as a must-try for those visiting the store.
Another strength of Victor Emporium is its location and the surrounding area. Visitors are encouraged to take scenic routes through Pine Creek pass and Tetonia, allowing for beautiful views of the Tetons from the Idaho side. This adds an extra element of adventure and exploration to the visit, making it more than just a stop at a store. The location of Victor Emporium allows for a picturesque and memorable experience for customers.
Furthermore, many customers appreciate the hometown feel and customer service at Victor Emporium. The store creates a sense of community, making customers feel valued and welcomed. This personal touch enhances the overall shopping experience, often leaving a lasting impression on visitors.
However, as with any business, there are some weaknesses that should be considered. One customer noted that during their visit, their huckleberry shake experience was disappointing. The huckleberries were described as unripe, sour, and even rotten at times. This is concerning, especially since huckleberry season should provide a fresh supply of quality berries. The negative experience with the huckleberry shake raises questions about consistency and quality control at Victor Emporium.
Another weakness that some customers have mentioned is the wait times. Victor Emporium can get busy, leading to longer wait times for customers to be served. While this can be expected during peak seasons, it can still be frustrating for visitors who are pressed for time or who do not want to spend too long waiting in line.
In addition, one negative comment highlighted the poor service and lack of professionalism displayed by the employees. The customer mentioned witnessing the workers engaging in horseplay and ignoring other customers. This reflects poorly on the management and suggests a lack of training or supervision. Such behavior can tarnish the overall experience and diminish the positive aspects of the store.
Lastly, some customers have criticized the prices of the items at Victor Emporium, finding them to be expensive. While this may be subjective, it is a factor that potential customers should consider if they are on a tight budget or looking for more affordable options.
In conclusion, Victor Emporium has several strengths that contribute to its popularity, including a diverse selection of gifts and souvenirs, friendly staff, and a renowned huckleberry shake. The location and surrounding scenery also add to the appeal. However, weaknesses such as inconsistent quality of the huckleberry shake, longer wait times, poor employee behavior, and perceived high prices should be taken into account by potential customers. Overall, Victor Emporium offers a unique and memorable experience for those who visit.

Best TL Reviews

I have been coming to the Victor emporium since 1991 and recommend it to anyone that I know who is coming into the area. It is the perfect stop to pick up gifts, souvenirs and especially their world renowned huckleberry shake. The staff is friendly, and unless you were there at high season, parking is not difficult. Make sure you stop and have your photograph taken by the mural on the side of the building!
*If you’re just planning a trip to the Emporium, you might consider driving through Pine Creek pass one time and then taking the route through Tetonia back to the Idaho Falls, Rigby, Rexburg area. Seeing the Tetons from the Idaho side, makes it worth it and the distance is not much different either way.
What and amazing and eclectic spot this is! You'll go for a huckleberry shake (which Ronald Reagan once enjoyed there) and come home with fly fishing gear, a frisbee, and a new coffee cup. It's genuinely one of the most unusual stores I have ever visited and I mean that in the best possible way! The staff was friendly and accommodating. They even gave her free ice cream since it was her birthday. Cool place. Good people.
Huckleberry shake is what its mostly known for and when we tried it was delicious! There was a young lady training and my cream soda shake was messed up. Many gifts and accessories, as well as jams and jelly's of the berry for purchase as well. Appreciate the home town feel and customer service here.
Quote from my mom “that was a little rough” as she finished off her purple peaks shake. Purple peaks is the emporiums huckleberry Oreo shake. The Oreo was really tasty but the huckleberries were unripe and sour or some rotten and fermented tasting. This is especially sad as huckleberry season is just ending in the Teton Valley and they should have plenty of fresh supply. You would have a mouth full of sweet Oreo and then bite down on a huckleberry and you mouth became bitter. We left about 1/4 cup of huckleberries in the bottom of our cups because they were just to bad to eat. Judging by the Oreo flavor their other shakes are probably really good and they have nice big straws making the shakes easy to drink.
Perfect place to stop and enjoy a shake or ice cream with a very friendly staff. We did the tourist thing and tried there huckleberry shake and we were not disappointed. There are gifts and things to purchase as well. I would absolutely recommend this place to anyone traveling and wanting to try anything local. This place seems to be very popular so you may have to wait but it’s worth the wait.
Super friendly ice cream team made for a fun experience. Shakes and malts hit the spot. And the tchotchkes are like no other making it a memorable stop offering souvenir gifts for the hard to buy for.
***Read this before ordering milkshakes (2022)***
I would give 0 stars if possible. I went with my daughter, and for "the world's best milkshake" as advertised. Very disappointed. While they had corny and cute gifts, their prices are too expensive. Service while getting our huckleberry milkshakes was horrendous, they only had teenagers working (no adults around), which meant that instead of working, the workers behind the bar decided that horseplay was more important. We had to remind them twice that they had yet to put ice cream into the milkshake blender cups. Instead, they were flipping the blender cups in the air and almost hit another worker. While the employees were nice at times, they ignored the customer next to us trying to order, and talked over her. The milkshake was very disappointing. Horrible texture, horrible flavor, very bitter canned berries. The milkshake was barely blended at all, so we could only taste the milk at times with clumps of vanilla ice cream. It is not worth the $8 for that "attempt" of a milkshake in a cheap, plastic cup, and no whipped cream on top (as advertised). Save your money. Don't come here if you want a milkshake.
Love this place. It’s a must when visiting Victor. They have amazing shakes and they are known for their huckleberry shake. The place has souvenirs, hat, and cool Merchandise. The staff are always courteous. The place can get busy so waiting time might be little long but it’s worth the wait.

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