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Zone Barber Shop

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8732 US-19, Port Richey, FL 34668 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Zone Barber Shop

Zone Barber Shop is a place that has received mixed reviews from customers. While some have had great experiences and praise the barbers for their skills and attention to detail, others have expressed dissatisfaction with their haircuts and have found the prices to be too high for the quality of service received. In this analysis, we will delve into the strengths and weaknesses of Zone Barber Shop based on the comments provided.
One prominent strength highlighted by multiple customers is the skill and dedication of the barbers. They are commended for taking their time and ensuring that customers leave with great haircuts. Jay, Aindrea, and Scotty are specifically mentioned as barbers who have provided excellent service and have gone above and beyond to accommodate their customers' needs. This demonstrates that Zone Barber Shop has capable and talented professionals who are able to deliver quality haircuts.
Another strength that stands out in the comments is the customer service and welcoming atmosphere of the shop. Multiple customers mention that the staff is friendly, professional, and makes them feel comfortable. This creates a positive environment for customers and contributes to their overall satisfaction. The cleanliness of the establishment is also mentioned as a positive aspect, which adds to the professional and inviting atmosphere.
One customer's comment specifically praises Sasha, a barber/stylist at Zone Barber Shop, for her diverse skills and versatility. Not only does she excel at cutting hair, but she also braids, colors, and waxes nose hairs. This reflects positively on Zone Barber Shop as it showcases their commitment to providing a wide range of services to cater to different customer preferences.
However, Zone Barber Shop also has weaknesses that are highlighted in customer comments. One customer expresses disappointment with the high price of a haircut, $40, compared to other shops in the Spring Hill area that offer a similar or better quality of service for $25. The customer feels that they did not receive value for money and expected a better haircut for the price paid. This indicates that Zone Barber Shop may be overcharging compared to their competitors, which can deter potential customers.
Another weakness pointed out by a dissatisfied customer is that their haircut did not match the picture they showed to the barber, and they felt that it did not meet their expectations. This suggests that there may be inconsistency in the quality of haircuts provided at Zone Barber Shop, with some customers receiving satisfactory results while others do not. Inconsistency can be a weakness as it undermines the reputation and reliability of the establishment.
In conclusion, Zone Barber Shop has strengths in terms of skilled and dedicated barbers, friendly staff, positive atmosphere, and versatile services. These qualities contribute to the positive experiences of many customers. However, there are weaknesses related to high prices and inconsistent quality of haircuts, as indicated by some dissatisfied customers. These weaknesses should be addressed by Zone Barber Shop in order to improve customer satisfaction and attract more clientele.

Best TL Reviews

This is a great place to get your hair cut. Jay always has me looking my best walking out. No matter what barber you get they all take their time and do a great job.
Let's just start with my hair isn't easy to cut. I have a lot of hair and it's thick. Aindrea did an amazing job perfecting it and taking the time to really pay attention to the details. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants a great cut or fade. Great job Aindrea! Thank you again!
My son has adhd and would not stop moving or talking but I have to say the barber did an amazing job in interacting and making my son feel okay. The cut is nice and he loved it after all... thank you
Mediocre haircut for 40.00 most I have ever paid for a hair cut in my life and it's by far not the best cut I've ever got not even close. To be far I got a bald fade with a simple design. 1 line. Looks nothing like the pic I showed and it's just not fire like a 40.00 cut should be
I get the same cut at 3 different shops in spring hill for 25 and they have always come out better. White guy 2nd chair on the right. It's not total cap it's just not worth 40.00. 15 20 at most
Go to Scotty ????????
He did my sons first hair cut and has been cutting it since 2020 . Patient and perfect every time.
The whole staff is friendly, talented & professional and the establishment is always clean and with positive energy. My personal favorite barber/stylist is Sasha! She is AMAZING! She cuts, she braids, she colors, she even waxes nose hairs! I have a thousand photos I could share of all the work she has done, but these photos here are the most recent from the cut/braids she gave my son today. What do I think about Zone?? I say, dont waste your time going to ANY other shop in the area. We travel in for our services no matter where we are and so long as Sasha is working there we will continue to do so. We are VERY satisfied customers.
My wife took my son to another barber (despite my suggestion not to) and they did a hack job on him. Zone fixed it. They do a great job on high fades and beards as well. I won't go anywhere else in New Port Richey.
Welcoming employees and very skilled as well. I am very satisfied with the service and atmosphere of this barber shop.
* Frank was my barber, took his time, and made sure I was satisfied with my haircut before I got off the chair. ????

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