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#1 Epic Nails & Spa

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1430 W Warner Rd, Gilbert, AZ 85233 United States of America
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Quick Facts About #1 Epic Nails & Spa

Strengths: 1. Good service for pedicures: Several comments mention that the pedicures at #1 Epic Nails & Spa are good and enjoyable. 2. Perfectly shaped nails and eyebrows: The salon seems to excel in nail shaping and eyebrow waxing, as mentioned by a few reviewers. 3. Professional and friendly staff: Many reviewers mention that the technicians at the salon are professional, polite, and accommodating. 4. Fair prices: The pricing at #1 Epic Nails & Spa is considered reasonable by multiple reviewers. 5. Attention to detail: Some reviewers appreciate the attention to detail provided during gel manicures, making them feel satisfied with the service. 6. Relaxing experience: Customers have found their visits to #1 Epic Nails & Spa to be relaxing and enjoyable.
Weaknesses: 1. Inconsistent service quality: One reviewer had a negative experience with their manicure and had to ask for it to be redone. This indicates a potential issue with consistency in service quality. 2. Lack of care and respect: Another reviewer mentioned the lack of care and respect shown by the staff, as they did not bother to clean up the nails or provide satisfactory service before charging for it. 3. Mistakes with gift cards: A reviewer had an unpleasant experience with a gift card purchase, as there was confusion about the balance and previous usage. This indicates a potential issue with the salon's gift card management system and communication. 4. Lack of expertise in certain nail techniques: One reviewer wanted a black French tip manicure but was recommended dip nails instead. However, the end result was unsatisfactory, suggesting a lack of expertise or training in certain nail techniques.
In summary, #1 Epic Nails & Spa seems to have strengths in providing good pedicures, shaping nails and eyebrows, and offering professional and friendly service. They also have fair pricing and provide a relaxing experience. However, there are weaknesses in consistency of service quality, lack of care and respect in certain instances, and mistakes with gift cards. Additionally, there may be a lack of expertise in certain nail techniques. These areas of improvement should be addressed in order to enhance the overall customer experience and maintain a positive reputation.

Best TL Reviews

This is the first review I've ever left. I've been in the service industry over 15 years and like to think I am more understanding than some. I have been here many times for pedicures but usually don't get manicures.
Long story, but I think it's worth to post about the details. I received the worst manicure of my life here.... And then proceeded to receive the second worst manicure after I asked for them to redo it.
Originally I wanted black French tips, showed the nail tech a picture and asked if gel or dip would be best? She said dip was fine and proceeded with that. I wish I had taken a picture of the finished result but it looked so awful that when I looked up at her she nervously laughed and said "dip is hard to do for french" and I said well that is why I asked you what you thought was best, I'm sorry I feel awful but I'm not paying for this.
Without hesitation she understood and began to remove my nails- I think because she knew they looked horrible! She finished taking them off and said ok can you come back in an hour? I'm too busy now... I said ok well can someone else do them? So then the gentleman (who I believe is also an owner) decided to redo them. I said we can just make this easy and do black dip since the French style was a mess. When he "finished" he stood up and went to the register for me to pay. Didn't bother cleaning up my nails or anything, literally just slapped some color on them and charged me full price. Showing how much he cares about the service he just provided. I had already been there for 3 hours and I am not one to complain so I decided to let it be and just pay and leave.
I know it's a long response. But I figure it could save someone $40 and hours of their time before making the mistake to go there. Unfortunately, I liked their pedicures but due to the lack of respect and care for people who are paying for their services, I will not be going back.
Very good at what they do. Perfectly shaped nails for my daughter and myself. Our eyebrows look great as well. Will definitely be back. Clean & very friendly.
I spontaneously decided on a pedicure for a self care day & this place is right down the road from me. I was greeted promptly & seated quickly with no wait. My nail technician, Tutu, was so sweet & accommodated my citrus allergy. She was very professional, clean, and kind. The prices were good and my service was excellent. I had a great massage along with my pedicure. I will be returning to visit Tutu again.
P.s. this place offers a rewards card which I was pleasantly surprised to recieve with my receipt at check out.
I just had major knee surgery a few weeks ago and was desperate for a relaxing pedicure and I definitely got more than I expected! Highly recommend, as I will be returning as a regular customer. The prices are fair and the service you get is above and beyond!
Did my ombré nails wonderfully and great job on my eyebrow wax. And they didn’t know it was my first time there until the end but they still gave great service. Very nice and polite. My new place for nails!
I always enjoy my gel manicures at #1 Epic Nails & Spa. Miya gives my nails detailed attention and I walk away feeling like I received the best service possible. I look forward to my monthly visits and have never been disappointed.
Mila was amazing!!! I got a much needed pedicure and have never felt so relaxed. Not to mention, they fit me in right away with no appointment.
Very disappointed with Epic Nail Spa! This has been my nail place for years. I bought my sister a gift card for a much needed pedicure (12/21) and we just came to use it today (9/22). They repeatedly told us there was nothing on it. Luckily I saved the little receipt with the authorization and amount on it. Then they tried to say my sister had already used said gift card. Like, what? No! They keep the gift card once it's used. We will not be going back.

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