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Beauty Factory NJ

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106 W Palisade Ave, Englewood, NJ 07631 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Beauty Factory NJ

Beauty Factory NJ has received numerous positive reviews from satisfied customers. Let's analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the place based on the comments provided.
1. Knowledgeable and skilled staff: Customers consistently mention that both Charity and Madison are highly knowledgeable and skilled in their craft. They are praised for their expertise in eyebrow design and permanent makeup services.
2. Professionalism: The staff at Beauty Factory NJ is praised for their professionalism. Customers feel welcomed from the moment they walk into the spa and appreciate the comfortable and safe environment.
3. Attention to detail: Both Charity and Madison are praised for their attention to detail. Customers appreciate that they take the time to study their faces and find the perfect shape for their eyebrows. This attention to detail contributes to the overall satisfaction with the service.
4. Customer satisfaction: The comments indicate a high level of customer satisfaction. Customers mention that they have received numerous compliments on their eyebrows and lashes after visiting Beauty Factory NJ. This suggests that the staff consistently delivers excellent results.
5. Strong communication: Multiple comments highlight the excellent communication skills of the staff. Madison, in particular, is mentioned as being patient and informative, taking the time to explain the services and ensure the customer's desired outcome is achieved.
1. Limited range of services: Based on the comments provided, it seems that Beauty Factory NJ primarily focuses on eyebrow-related services. While this is not necessarily a weakness, some customers may be looking for a wider variety of beauty services.
2. Limited availability: There is no mention of the availability of appointments or the potential difficulty in scheduling. However, if the demand for Beauty Factory NJ's services is high, it could potentially be challenging to secure an appointment in a timely manner.
Overall, the strengths of Beauty Factory NJ are evident in the reviews. They have a knowledgeable and skilled staff who provide professional and detail-oriented services. The high level of customer satisfaction and strong communication skills contribute to the positive reputation of the spa. While there may be a limited range of services offered, customers consistently express their satisfaction with the eyebrow services provided.

Best TL Reviews

I’ve had such an amazing experience in Beauty Factory NJ. Charity is so Knowledgeable, Skilled and Professional in all aspects of her craft. You feel welcomed the moment you walk into this beautiful spa. The aesthetic is so enlightening and just know that you are in the right place every time you come. I have been so happy with every service I’ve received here. I have received so many compliments on my eyebrows and lashes. You won’t be disappointed choosing such a wonderful place!!
Madison is absolutely the best!!! ???????? I am very pleased I went with my gut and schedule an appointment with such a talented person. Without a doubt my experience was worth it all the way!!!!! my eyebrows look in the shape is s
perfect???????????????????????? I was so nervous thinking it wouldn’t go with my face or it would’ve been a horrible job ????Thank God that I chose such a talented person that made me feel comfortable???? she took her time to help me find the best look for my eyebrows???? the glam is the best look I am so glad that I chose you! Thank you Madison I love glam look????????????
Charity is hands down the best and I would absolutely recommend everyone go to her for all your eyebrow needs. This woman is a perfectionist and a genuinely humble person to meet with. I couldn’t be happier with my results. I literally call her my Picasso because she is a true artist and pays great attention to detail. Do yourself a favor and book with her ASAP - no hesitation!
I've gotten a few permanent make up services done at The Beauty Factory and honey, it was the best decision ever! I trusted Master Artist, Charity, to work on my face and I was so right in doing so! She's completely brilliant with her hands. I got permanent lip coloring and eye liner, and also did a permanent ombré brow. Each line was precise and the color vivid. Charity made me feel welcome, comfortable, and safe. She educated me on each service and was patient with all my questions. Even weeks later, Charity was responsive to my messages and my a million hypothetical questions. I wake up and can just "go". No need to go spend hours in the mirror applying make up or $$$$$ on buying make up for quick fixes. Charity enhanced my beauty and I am more confident then ever! Thank you Beauty Factory!
Madison is a true professional with her craft. She was patient and informative when I was nervous about the procedure. She is very skilled and talented. I highly recommend her! I am beyond happy with my eyebrows…they look amazing!!! I came home, showed my sister, and she booked her consultation with Madison! ????????????
You should do the same!
Madison was absolutely amazing! Her work ethic was incredible and she knows exactly what shape your brows need to be without mapping.. she sees the shape with out them being there. She studies your face and knows exactly what it needs. Her hands are very gentle and you literally fall asleep!!! She’s the best!!!! Highly recommended ♥️
Madison is such a sweetheart and so professional. It took me a year to decide and find the right technician and she had already done brows on two of my friends. I drove 4hrs to see her and it was so worth it. She took the time to explain not only what the services were but translate what I wanted into how to achieve my end result. She is a true expert in designing the brows that best match your face. She is detailed, thorough, has great communication and takes her time to make you happy! I could never imagine my brows would turn out SOOOO perfect! I’m in awe! She was so patient with me and she was a pleasure to work with. I will definitely recommend you get your brows done with Madison. You will not be disappointed. She is worth every penny and the 4hr drive!
My mother and I had an AMAZING EXPERIENCE! Madison is very skillful in doing eye brows. She is a wonderful human being, who is very talented. We are very pleased with her work. We wish her many blessings through out her personal life and business! GOD BLESS

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  • Identifies as women-owned
  • Wheelchair accessible entrance