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Design Haircuts

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1141 W Valley Blvd, Alhambra, CA 91803 United States of America
Open Today: 10:30 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Design Haircuts

Design Haircuts has several strengths that make it a popular choice for customers. One of the main strengths is the skill and expertise of the stylists. Customers repeatedly mention that Lin, Vanessa, Clara, and Leeya did an excellent job on their haircuts and listened to their specific needs and preferences. This demonstrates the stylists' ability to understand and fulfill customer requests, even for difficult hair types like wavy and curly hair. The stylists also show attention to detail, as evidenced by Clara's use of scissors to trim around a lipoma on a customer's head. This level of skill and attention to detail is a valuable strength for Design Haircuts.
Another strength of Design Haircuts is the affordability of their services. Many customers mention the low prices of the haircuts, such as $15 for a home run haircut without wash or style. This affordable pricing makes Design Haircuts accessible to a wide range of customers, attracting those who may be looking for a budget-friendly option. Additionally, some customers mention that the quality of the haircuts is not compromised despite the low prices, highlighting the value for money that Design Haircuts offers.
Design Haircuts also creates a welcoming and friendly atmosphere, as mentioned by multiple customers. Lynn, in particular, is described as being like family by a loyal customer of over 25 years. This emphasizes the strong relationships that can be built between the stylists and their clients. The stylists at Design Haircuts are praised for their friendliness and great service, creating a positive experience for customers. This welcoming atmosphere contributes to customer loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals, as customers like the sense of being part of a friendly community.
Furthermore, Design Haircuts is commended for its COVID-19 safety measures. Customers mention that the employees wear masks and are careful in how they treat customers, indicating that the salon prioritizes customer safety during these challenging times. This attention to safety is an important strength that can attract customers who are concerned about their health and well-being.
However, Design Haircuts does have some weaknesses that should be addressed. One weakness is the lack of appointments. While some customers appreciate the flexibility of walk-in services, others may prefer the convenience and assurance of having an appointment. This could be a drawback for customers who have busy schedules or who prefer to plan their salon visits in advance. Implementing an appointment system could help improve customer satisfaction and provide a more organized experience.
Additionally, the availability of services may be a weakness for Design Haircuts. Some customers mention that the salon specializes in basic haircuts for boys, men, and simple ladies. While this specialization may be appealing to some customers looking for a straightforward haircut, it may not meet the needs of those seeking more complex or specialized services, such as coloring, styling, or intricate women's haircuts. Design Haircuts could consider expanding their range of services or hiring additional staff to cater to a broader clientele.
Another weakness is the limited availability of stylists mentioned by one customer. They state that Lin and Clara are the best, but any stylist in the shop will do a good job. However, it is mentioned that the stylists specialize in specific types of haircuts and they don't do extra services unless they have the staff to do so. This may be a limitation for customers who prefer a specific stylist or who require certain services that are not readily available.
In conclusion, Design Haircuts has strengths in its skilled and attentive stylists, affordable prices, welcoming atmosphere, and COVID-19 safety measures. However, weaknesses include the lack of appointments, limited availability of services, and the potential limitation of specific stylists. By addressing these weaknesses, Design Haircuts can further improve customer satisfaction and attract a wider range of clientele.

Best TL Reviews

Lin & Vanessa are sooo nice & Lin did such a great job! I have difficult wavy\curly hair and have a hard to get right cut, (A-line with long layers, no thinning sheers). She listened to me go on & on, then gave me a home run haircut for only $15 (no wash or style)!! I NOW HAVE A NEW HAIR PLACE ????
I love this place. I'm very very picky with my hair, it has to be the length I want and the way I want it and Lynn does that for me, she cuts a little and then asks me how much more. she is awesome.
I showed up at 10:30 on a Friday and Clara gave me the best haircut I've had for a long long time for a jaw dropping price! I went there the day before and the place was packed with customers (for good reason). I sat down and waited for a while and watched as customer after customer showed her the kind of haircut they wanted on their phones and she did not disappoint. I have short hair so she took her time and used scissors to trim around the lipoma (a fat deposit) I have in the back of my head. Like I said, this was the best haircut I've had so I won't be driving 32 miles to go see my regular barber. Design Haircuts is about a mile away from home so I will walk over next time. I did also tell my wife about the place and she will be going to see Clara next week.
I LOVED this place!! FIRST TIMER! I love the way Leeya cut our hair ???? she was amazing washing it, thoroughly washed my head and gave me a gentle massage after I told her I came out from the hospital. She made us feel amazing. Thank you so so much LEEYA!❤
I go here for inexpensive, but well done haircuts. I've only been here a handful of times during covid and the employees do wear masks and seem to be pretty careful about how they treat their customers. They've been super courteous to me and this may be my haircut spot for years to come. Just a little tip, this parking and back which was originally hard for me to find.
It's a good place if you wanna get an average haircut at a cheap rate. And not to mention without appointments
Lin and Clara are the best in the shop, but any of their stylist will do good. They specialize in Haircuts for boys, men, and simple ladies. Over 20 years of experience each.. They don't do extra stuff unless they have the staff to do it. This is a family shop, not a specialty shop to have all your needs met. If you want simple, but great... this is the place. Prices went up after COVID closure to catch up with costs, but I'm sure they will go down.
Least busy before 3pm and any day except Friday and Saturday.
Lynn is like family ???? been a loyal customer of hers for 25 plus years. Friendly atmosphere, great service ????

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