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Grand Nails Spa Wichita

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Quick Facts About Grand Nails Spa Wichita

Grand Nails Spa Wichita has several strengths based on the comments provided. One of the strengths is the cleanliness of the salon. Multiple reviewers mentioned that the employees had masks on and the business was very clean, which is important in maintaining a safe and hygienic environment for customers. This attention to cleanliness can give customers peace of mind and contribute to a positive experience.
Another strength of the salon is the skill and talent of the nail technicians. Many customers praised the nail techs for their excellent work and attention to detail. For example, one customer mentioned that their previous nail salon did a poor job, but the nail tech at Grand Nails Spa Wichita had to spend an hour fixing it before starting on their nails. This demonstrates the dedication and expertise of the nail technicians at the salon.
Customers also highlighted the reasonable prices at Grand Nails Spa Wichita as a positive aspect. One customer mentioned that they paid $43 plus tip for an acrylic set of nails, which they felt was affordable. Another customer mentioned that the price for their pedicure was very reasonable. Affordable prices can attract customers and make it a more accessible option for those looking for nail services.
Additionally, the salon received compliments for its customer service. Several reviewers mentioned that the nail techs were friendly and nice to interact with. This positive customer service can contribute to a pleasant experience and make customers feel valued and welcomed.
However, there are also a few weaknesses that should be addressed. One customer mentioned seeing ants on the floor, which could be a cleanliness issue and may make some customers uncomfortable. Although the reviewer mentioned that the presence of fruit for the pedicures seemed to attract the ants, it is still important for the salon to address and resolve any pest issues to maintain a clean and inviting environment.
Another weakness mentioned was a lack of interaction from one of the nail technicians. While one customer praised their nail tech for being interactive and providing an enjoyable experience, another customer mentioned that their technician was not interactive at all. This lack of interaction may affect the overall customer experience, as some customers appreciate engaging with their nail techs during the service.
Another weakness highlighted in one comment was a rushed and sloppy experience. The customer mentioned feeling like their whole time at the salon was rushed and that the nail tech did not meet their expectations. This suggests that there may be inconsistencies in the service quality and attention to detail among the staff members.
In conclusion, Grand Nails Spa Wichita has strengths such as a clean environment, talented nail technicians, reasonable prices, and positive customer service. However, there are some weaknesses that should be addressed, such as pest control, inconsistencies in customer interaction, and a potential lack of attention to detail. Overall, it seems that the majority of customers had positive experiences at the salon, but it is important for the salon to address these weaknesses to ensure consistent quality and customer satisfaction.

Best TL Reviews

I really enjoyed my experience at Grand Nails Spa Wichita yesterday December 23rd, 2021. I had an acrylic set of nails put on and I am very happy with them. All the employees had masks on and their business was very clean. The nail tech was very nice and I enjoyed conversating with her, and she did a great job. I have already had many compliments on them. I paid $43 plus tip for these. I will be back next month! I highly recommend giving this business a try :)
I always struggle choosing a nail salon because I don’t go often and it seems like each one has such varied reviews. Reading Grand Nails reviews, they’re overwhelmingly positive, so I gave them a try with a friend. We were both incredibly happy with the classic pedicures we received. I requested nail art based off a photo I found on Pinterest and my nail artist did a fantastic job! The price was very reasonable, as well. I will definitely recommend this salon to friends and head back the next time I want a pedicure!
Awesome service! Nikki did a great job on my nails. The previous place I got my nails done at did a horrible job and she had to spend an hour trying to those them off before she could even start on my nails. Affordable price too!
I’ve been going to Mimi since October and I never leave disappointed. She does such an amazing job and I couldn’t say enough about her talent. She has worked on getting my nails long when I came in they were stubs. Now these are my naturals nails with dip on them!
Overall has a great time! I was a little unsure at first because I saw some ants on the floor, but once I saw the fruit for the pedicures it made sense. My mother in law had Lily who did amazing! I would definitely recommend her. Mine was good too, just not interactive at all. The massage chairs are definitely the best I’ve ever been in! Overall I’d recommend and will come back!
Tracey is wonderful! My mani and pedi look beautiful. She was very careful and patient. The salon is very nice, clean, and comfortable. It gets quite busy, so plan ahead.
they really are the sweetest souls, and have an amazing number of people to help you. The overall nails came out amazing and I had Marie and I recommended her she’s very general and understanding if what you want.
This is only 1 week after my appointment. I got my manicure done by Mimi and my
Pedicure was done by someone else. She removed my full cuticle even after I told her I had just removed my own and didn’t want more than what was needed removed. I have cured acrylic under my nail when she said she would remove it when I brought it to her attention. For the design, I asked for a set of dice, and instead got a rectangle with uneven black dots. I feel like my whole time there was rushed and sloppy. The people were really nice there,yes, but all in all the experience had me anxiously waiting for the price. It was $99 + the $20 tip I had already gave each of them. All in all I spent $140

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