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Modern Nail Studio

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1015 S Mission St, Mt Pleasant, MI 48858 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Modern Nail Studio

Modern Nail Studio has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation. One strength is the quality of the manicures and pedicures provided. The first comment acknowledges that despite some issues, the overall service was pretty good. Additionally, the commenter received compliments on their nails, indicating that the salon is skilled in creating attractive designs.
The friendly and lively staff are another strength of Modern Nail Studio. Multiple comments mention the positive attitudes and interactions with the staff members. One customer even mentions that the staff stayed after work to finish their nails, showing dedication and commitment to customer satisfaction.
Consistency is also a strength highlighted in the comments. A recurring customer states that they have been coming to the salon for a month and have never been disappointed with their nails. This indicates that Modern Nail Studio consistently delivers high-quality services.
The salon's ability to accommodate walk-ins quickly is mentioned in one comment. This is a convenience for customers who may not have made prior appointments or need immediate nail services.
Despite these strengths, there are also weaknesses that should be considered. One customer complains about the cleanliness of the salon, suggesting that cleanliness may not be a priority for Modern Nail Studio. This could be a potential concern for customers who value a clean and sanitized environment.
Another weakness pointed out by a negative review is the language barrier with the nail technicians. The commenter mentions that the technicians do not speak English, causing communication difficulties and potentially leading to unsatisfactory results. This language barrier may deter customers who prefer clear communication with their service providers.
Wait times are mentioned in a negative comment, indicating that the salon's popularity may contribute to longer waiting times. This could be a drawback for customers who are in a hurry or have limited time available for their nail appointments.
Another weakness highlighted is the lack of attention to detail and mistakes made by the nail technicians. One customer mentions that their nails were messed up multiple times and that they had to clean up the nails themselves at home. This indicates a lack of skill or attention to detail from the technician, which can lead to customer dissatisfaction.
Lastly, the pricing of Modern Nail Studio may be a weakness for some customers. One negative review mentions that they had to pay $50 for a service that was not satisfactory. Comparable pricing to other salons in the area may not be enough to outweigh the shortcomings experienced by the customer.
In conclusion, Modern Nail Studio has strengths in terms of the quality of their nail services, friendly staff, and consistency in delivering satisfactory results. However, weaknesses such as cleanliness issues, language barriers, long wait times, lack of attention to detail, and potentially unsatisfactory pricing should be considered by potential customers before choosing this salon.

Best TL Reviews

Pretty good mani and pedi. Not the cleanest salon and my guy was a little rough on my cuticles and didn't clean up nail edges very well. Small place but always busy. Prices are comparable to other salons in the area. I did get several compliments on my nails ???? so, 4 stars
1st time here. My friend recommended it and I see why! Friendly staff. Staff was lively and joking with me. The wonderful young lady who does custom art was amazing. She stayed after work to finish my nails. I love how they turned out!
I’ve recently started coming here with my mom for the past month and was never disappointed with my nails each time. I always get so many compliments on my nails everytime too!
I really loved the red nails I had done for a Christmas party by a guy named Steven I believe, and a Ombré set done by Tina ????
I say it’s best to not come here if you’re in hurry to go anywhere else or a very impatient person. If you have a very specific nail design you want, keep a reference photo out on your phone the whole time while they’re doing your nails so it’s easier for them to get it right and be don’t be afraid to politely/patiently point out something that you don’t like with your nails while they’re doing it before it gets finalized. ????
The only thing good about this nail salon was that they were able to get me in right away…otherwise, I’m just happy that I didn’t get an infection. The nail techs don’t speak English, they didn’t understand what I wanted and the place was visibly dirty! Good luck.
Went to the female technician she listened to what I wanted and corrected some issues I had with a previous nail salon. Great experience except the salon is really cold and run down.
Always friendly. I get plenty of compliments on my nails after having them done by the modern nail crew.
This place is not ideal. The wait times are super long, and they messed up my nails for the second time . They gave me sort of what I wanted but the guy had to redo them twice because he kept messing up and you can see that they got left super messy so i had too clean them up myself when I got home. He didn't put a clear coat on my glitter nails either and he matte coated the wrong ones without double checking with me first. and I still had to pay 50$ Do not recommend
Have gone here several times I always ask for one of the girls because they do the best with designs!!!!

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