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????Number 1 Cuts????

+1 708-448-7978
10334 S Harlem Ave, Palos Hills, IL 60465 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 09:00 PM

Quick Facts About ????Number 1 Cuts????

Number 1 Cuts is a barber shop that has received positive feedback from its customers. The comments highlight several strengths of the place. Firstly, the staff at Number 1 Cuts is described as friendly, welcoming, and cool. This indicates that the barbers create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for their customers. Being able to engage in friendly conversations with the barbers can make the haircut experience more enjoyable for customers.
The quality of the haircuts provided by Number 1 Cuts is also praised in the comments. Multiple customers mention that they have been going to this barber shop for a long time, even since they were children. This implies that the barbers have established a reputation for consistently providing good haircuts. Additionally, the comment mentioning that the barbers "do a great job" with a customer's son's haircut suggests that the barbers are skilled in cutting different types and textures of hair. This versatility is a strength as it allows the barber shop to cater to a diverse range of customers.
The loyalty of the customers is another strength of Number 1 Cuts. One comment mentions that the customer has been a loyal customer for 5 years, while another mentions being a customer for over 10 years. This loyalty indicates that the barber shop has been able to cultivate a strong customer base over an extended period of time. This could be attributed to the consistent quality of the haircuts and the positive experiences customers have had at the barbershop.
The affordability of the services at Number 1 Cuts is also highlighted in the comments. One customer mentions that the prices are fair, and another comments that the service is the "best service I've ever got at any barber shop." This suggests that the customers feel that they are receiving value for their money. A fair pricing strategy can attract more customers and establish a positive reputation for the business.
One of the specific strengths mentioned in the comments is the barber named Amjad. Multiple customers describe him as the "best barber ever" and one even uses the acronym "GOAT" which stands for "Greatest of All Time." This indicates that Amjad is highly skilled and has built a strong reputation among his customers. Having such a talented barber can be a significant strength for Number 1 Cuts, as customers are willing to specifically request his services and refer others to him.
Despite the overwhelmingly positive comments, there are a few potential weaknesses that can be identified. Firstly, there is no mention of the wait times at Number 1 Cuts. While customers seem satisfied with the service they receive, it is unknown whether there are often long wait times to get a haircut. Long wait times can be a deterrent for potential customers, especially if they have limited time available for their grooming needs.
Additionally, the comments do not provide any information about the range of services offered at Number 1 Cuts. While the quality of the haircuts and beard work is praised, it is unclear whether the barber shop offers other services such as styling, shaving, or grooming products. A wider range of services can attract a larger customer base and increase revenue for the business.
In conclusion, based on the comments provided, Number 1 Cuts appears to have several strengths. These include friendly and welcoming staff, consistent quality haircuts, loyal customers, fair pricing, and a highly skilled barber named Amjad. However, potential weaknesses such as potential wait times and limited service offerings are not mentioned in the comments. By addressing any weaknesses and further building on their strengths, Number 1 Cuts can continue to thrive and attract more satisfied customers.

Best TL Reviews

I went there twice and had a haircut ( and beard) with 2 different guys. Both were great and worth the price which is fair anyways.
This is the best barber shop ever, all the staff are very friendly and welcoming. Amjad is the best barber ever!
They do a great job with my son's haircut. Weve been loyal customers for 5 years.
This place does really good haircuts i have been going here ever since i was a little kid
Amjed is the GOAT! ???? best barber ever
I’ve been coming to amjad for years! He’s been my barber easily for over 10 years! I’ve been sending everyone I know to him and they say nothing but good things. The staff is very warm and very friendly. It’s clean and comfortable and the prices are very fair. I can’t complain. They moved to a better location recently and the parking is MUCH better. Try them out! You won’t be disappointed.
Friendly cool dudes. Became my favorite place to get a fade.
Best service ive ever got at any barber shop, Amjad did a great job on my fade as well as beard work, his service went above and beyond any experience ive had before. Great person as well and great conversations.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot
  • Appointments recommended


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