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Royale' Nails

+1 770-539-9102
545 Park Ln, Gainesville, GA 30501 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Royale' Nails

Royale' Nails place, based on the comments provided, has a mixture of strengths and weaknesses.
Starting with the strengths, one commenter mentioned that the owner is great and treats customers like family. This indicates a positive customer service experience, which is crucial for any business. Additionally, the commenter mentioned that the salon offers a lot, including wine while you wait. This shows that the salon goes above and beyond to provide a comfortable and enjoyable experience for its customers. Another strength highlighted by a different commenter is the beautiful decor of the salon, which can contribute to a pleasant atmosphere for customers.
Another strength mentioned is the skill and expertise of specific nail technicians. Both Lyndsey and Mary were highly recommended for their acrylic and pedicure services, respectively. This indicates that the salon employs talented staff members who excel in their craft, which can be a major selling point for potential customers.
The cleanliness of the salon is also mentioned as a strength. Multiple commenters noted that the salon is clean and well-sanitized. This is essential for a nail salon, as customers want to ensure their safety and hygiene while receiving services.
Another strength of Royale' Nails place is the range of options available for manicures and pedicures. Commenters mentioned that the salon offers different designs, colors, and nail art selections. This indicates that the salon caters to a variety of customer preferences and can provide a customized experience.
Despite these strengths, there are a number of weaknesses mentioned in the comments. One customer had a negative experience with a technician who was unfriendly and performed a mediocre job. The same customer also expressed concern about potential infection due to the salon's hygiene practices, noting that they doubted the use of proper sterilization techniques. This raises serious red flags about the salon's commitment to cleanliness and customer safety.
Another weakness mentioned is the need to schedule an appointment well in advance. While this may signify the popularity and high demand for the salon's services, it could also be inconvenient for customers who may require more flexibility in their scheduling.
In conclusion, Royale' Nails place has strengths such as a friendly owner, a welcoming atmosphere, skilled technicians for specific services, cleanliness, and a range of options for customers. However, there are also weaknesses, including negative customer experiences, concerns regarding hygiene practices, and the need for advanced scheduling. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses in order to improve customer satisfaction and maintain a positive reputation.

Best TL Reviews

I had my nails done there today for the first time ever. My technician was not friendly at all and she did a mediocre job at best. She also cut me 3 times and got mad when I said I shouldn’t be charged $10 extra for a “manicure” aka cuticle damage. Hoping I don’t get an infection because their tools are not in barbicide and I doubt they use an autoclave machine to sterilize. Will not be back.
Great Experience. Treat you like family. Owner is great! They offer a lot, including wine while you wait. Who wouldn’t love that? I got a pedicure with my 4 friends and they were able to fit us in so promptly. Beautiful decor! I would highly recommend!
✨Go to Lyndsey for your acrylic needs! You will not be disappointed! She is fast and I LOVE my nails! I like to keep it simple and get acrylics because I tend to bite my nails. I can be a little picky (who isn’t when you spend money on nails) ????????‍♀️ She is your girl! ????????
✨✨ If you are in need of the BEST pedicure, go to Mary! I have been coming to this nail salon for a few years now and definitely need to be better about sharing my experiences. I have gone to other nail techs at this salon and these two have taken customer service to the next level! It’s hard to beat when you find someone that gives such attention to detail.
Royal Nails is THE BEST nail salon in Gainesville! The location is extremely clean, well stocked and staffed, and up to date on the beautiful ambiance. The service is incredible and you are warmly welcomed by the owner Lang, every time. The staff is very polite and attentive and can do any and every design you'd imagine. You are always offered a cold bottle of water and a snack by the owner. Lots of different options for pedicures and manicures. I highly recommend this nail salon every time. Make sure you schedule an appointment at least a day in advance because appointment times fill up very quickly because of the wonderful service!
Love this place! Ideal space for groups. very clean. The color selection is great for regular or gel and everyone is friendly. I have few nails but they always look their best after coming here. I recommend to anyone who needs a nail salon!
This is my and my daughter's second visit. The first gel manicure lasted 4 weeks without chipping or cracking. It is also applied evenly. Gel polish on nails does not clump unevenly. Both times we have a design. First the Christmas theme and now We love our nails. Always gentle
A very impromptu experience!! I was quickly greeted and picked my favorite color. My technician was very polite and responsive to what I wanted about my nails. good price . The atmosphere is bright and the customers very pleasant. I will come back .
I had my usual SNS nails .. I called and the owner / manager was very polite over the phone . I wanted to make an appt but he said to come on in . I ask the hours and he said 7 pm( it was 6p) but if I got there before 7 , they would help me . When I got there , I was greeted and then checked in . The owner /manager sat me down . They were packed and really busy . I waited maybe 10 minutes and then Lynn came . Before that , I was brought water and candy. I was also handed a color book. I showed Lynn what I wanted and she exceeded my expectations. They are all very kind and attentive . I will defiantly come back . The place is so clean and very well kept and sanitized . They also have a lot of color choices , designs and many nail art selections. I was done by 720pm . Lynn was great and focused on my nails

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