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Quick Facts About Swift Dry Carpet Cleaning

Swift Dry Carpet Cleaning has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from customers. The comments emphasize the following strengths:
1. Effective stain removal: Multiple customers praise Swift Dry for successfully removing pet stains and making their carpets look brand new. This demonstrates the company's expertise in tackling tough stains and providing high-quality cleaning services.
2. Quick drying time: Several customers mention that their carpets dried in a remarkably short period, with some stating that they were able to walk on the carpets within 30 minutes after the cleaning. This quick drying time sets Swift Dry apart from other companies and offers convenience to customers.
3. Friendly and professional service: Customers consistently mention the friendly and professional demeanor of Ross and Rebecca, the owners of Swift Dry. Their positivity, excellent communication, and professionalism put customers at ease and make them feel comfortable having the team in their homes.
4. Environmentally friendly products: Customers appreciate that Swift Dry uses plant-based, non-toxic cleaning products that are safe for both pets and humans. This eco-friendly approach aligns with customers' preferences for chemical-free cleaning solutions and contributes to the company's positive reputation.
5. Efficient and punctual: Swift Dry stands out for its efficient and punctual service. Customers commend the company for promptly scheduling appointments, arriving on time, and completing the job diligently. This reliability ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for customers.
6. Attention to detail: Swift Dry's commitment to providing high-quality service is evident in customer reviews. Customers praise the company for its meticulous approach to cleaning, as well as the care and dedication displayed by Ross and Rebecca in their work.
7. Diversification of services: While the majority of comments focus on carpet cleaning, a couple of customers express interest in Swift Dry's tile cleaning services. This suggests that customers appreciate the company's ability to cater to different cleaning needs, showcasing its versatility as a cleaning service provider.
While the feedback about Swift Dry Carpet Cleaning is overwhelmingly positive, there are no explicit weaknesses mentioned in the given comments. However, it is important to note that these comments represent a small sample size and may not provide a comprehensive understanding of all potential strengths and weaknesses of Swift Dry.

Best TL Reviews

Ross and Rebecca did a great job, had a bunch of stains from pets. They dried quick, and got rid of all of the stains, they were wonderful to work with, easy to schedule, and really took great care in how they went about their work. Will recommend them to all of our friends, and family. Most other companies take so long to dry but our carpets dried in 35 minutes, and looked great. We are so thrilled to find such an outstanding company to work with. They will also clean out tile next time. So happy to have found them.
We are very happy we called Swift Dry to clean our carpets! The carpets look great and they didn't use toxic chemicals, which is exactly what we wanted for ourselves and our pets. They were very friendly, professional, and efficient. We plan to call them back to clean our tile floors and would recommend them to anyone. Also, we felt very comfortable having them in our home.
I highly recommend Swift Dry! I will not use anyone else to clean my carpets. They do a wonderful job and really care about the quality of their work. This is the 2nd time I have used them, and I will only continue to use them, and I loved how fast my carpets dried! Give them a call today, you will be happy that you did!
We highly recommend Swift Dry Carpet Cleaning! They receive 5 Stars ⭐️ from our family! From the moment we booked our appointment, to prompt arrival, and the amazing job they did in our carpets, we could ask for more! Yet, they did all this with a smile and a wonderful attitude! We will be calling Rebecca and Ross for all our carpet and tile needs! You should call them too if you want a family owned company who lives up to their promise!
Swift Dry did a great job on our old carpets. Hadn't had them cleaned in years, Ross and Rebecca did a great job. Will call them again at least once a year, the dry time was also very short which was great since I could walk on them at least 30 minutes after they had left. Will definitely use them again since I need to clean more often which I will start to do.
Ross and Rebecca are the dream team! Besides the fact that they’re extremely fun and friendly, they do a great job. Super hard working, diligent, and effective. We love their products because they are environmental friendly and work great! We called them with one day in advance day to clean the carpets at one of our rental properties, and they booked us right away with no problem, did the job right on time, and made the carpet feel and look brand new! I would highly recommend them to all who are looking for a great carpet cleaning company. Thank you both again :)
Swift Dry Carpet Cleaning did a great job, easy to schedule and made our 10 year old carpets look new. Besides doing a great job of cleaning, the carpets dried in less than half of an hour. We also had our tile cleaned which after 10 years of not cleaning them they look brand new. Will definitely use Swift Dry again, and will recommend them to our friends, and family. We love supporting local companies, will look forward to calling Ross and Rebecca again.
I had my carpets cleaned today and they turned out amazing!! All stains are gone and they dried so fast! I have a small dog so the fact that they use all plant based products that are safe for animals and humans makes me feel that much better about them! I highly recommend them and will be using them again in the future!

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