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Unique Designs Salon/ Barbershop

+1 609-367-5209
House Of Style, 1400 Kings Hwy N, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034 United States of America
Open Today: 10:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Unique Designs Salon/ Barbershop

Unique Designs Salon/ Barbershop, located in the Kingston neighborhood, has received both positive and negative feedback from customers. In order to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the establishment, these comments will be analyzed.
One of the strengths of Unique Designs Salon/ Barbershop is their friendly service. Customers appreciate the accommodating nature of the staff, specifically commending Frank for his service. This creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers, which is important when choosing a salon or barbershop.
Affordability is another strength of Unique Designs Salon/ Barbershop. The prices are mentioned positively in the comments, with one customer stating that a basic cut costs $15. This affordability makes the salon accessible to a wide range of customers, attracting clientele that is looking for quality service at a reasonable price.
The skills and experience of the barbers are highly praised by customers. John, in particular, is noted for his talent and expertise. This indicates that the staff at Unique Designs Salon/ Barbershop are skilled professionals who can provide high-quality haircuts. This reputation of skilled barbers can be a major strength for the establishment, as it establishes trust and loyalty among customers.
Another strength of Unique Designs Salon/ Barbershop is its old-fashioned atmosphere. Some customers appreciate the traditional barber shop environment, mentioning that it creates a nostalgic experience. This can be seen as a unique selling point for the establishment, catering to customers who enjoy the charm of a classic barbershop.
However, there are also weaknesses highlighted in the comments. One significant weakness is that the salon has stopped offering shaves due to the pandemic. This can be disappointing for customers who specifically want a good shave from a barber. It is important for establishments to adapt and find alternative solutions to continue providing services during challenging times.
Some negative comments mention poor haircuts or dissatisfaction with the services received. One customer describes their haircut as a "disaster," with uneven results and dissatisfaction with the fade. Another customer mentions waiting time and poor customer service from a barber named John. These negative experiences can create a negative reputation for Unique Designs Salon/ Barbershop and discourage potential customers from visiting.
The age demographic of the clientele is mentioned negatively in a comment, with a customer expressing surprise at the older age of both barbers and customers. This observation suggests that the salon may not attract a diverse customer base, which can limit its appeal to a younger demographic.
In conclusion, Unique Designs Salon/ Barbershop has several strengths, including friendly service, affordability, skilled barbers, and an old-fashioned atmosphere. However, there are also weaknesses highlighted by customers, such as the discontinuation of shaves, negative experiences with haircuts, and a lack of diversity in the customer base. These weaknesses should be addressed in order to improve the overall customer experience and attract a broader range of clientele.

Best TL Reviews

Friendly service at this old fashioned barbershop. Frank was very accommodating. Price is right too ($15 for a basic cut). Only knock is they stopped giving shaves due to the pandemic. I really wanted a good shave from a barber, but otherwise very good.
John is extremely talented and experienced, prices are excellent too! This place is a gem in the Kingston neighborhood (hidden, but newly discovered). Never have my sons, ages 4 and 8 have had such an awesome haircut. Does not compare with any other haircut they have ever had in past...you won’t be disappointed!
It was like walking into a time warp!! All the barbers and customers were elderly.i thought to myself... let’s give it a shot. I hate to say it but I got the WORSE haircut in my life! It was totally uneven the top of my head looked like the ocean. He did not use the number razor I requested and I didn’t notice until I left. I feel bad so I won’t go back to have it fixed. They are probably great with scissors but not fades.. I will just have to keep looking for a good barber ????
I take my dad here for a shave and a haricut every time I come back to visit the folks. It's a pleasure to be in that good old-fashioned barber shop environment.
My normal barber was unavailable so I give this place a chance. Saw an open chair when I walked in so I took it. To sum it up, the older gentleman butchered my hair. The top portion was completely uneven and disheveled. It was a difference of a few inches from one side of my hair to the other. Not what I wanted or expected. Wouldn't wish that kind of a haircut on anyone. Took me a few weeks to get it back to normal length and a normal cut. Never again
The name of this place is a total oxymoron. Unique Barber Shop seems to have never aged beyond the 1950's, although the clientele certainly has. I went there once and didn't see a single person who wasn't at least in their sixties. I won't be going back, but it was certainly an interesting experience.
Made an appointment for 530... Arrived there a couple mins early, waited 15mins while John texted back and forth on his phone. After sitting in his chair and walking out and 545, only then he asked if I was ready. Worst customer service ever received from any barber.
John is terrific. He always sends me home from Unique with a great haircut, a big boost in confidence, relaxed and recharged. Do they give six stars?

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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Tuesday 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
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