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1st Interstate Inn

+1 308-235-4601
1704 NE-71, Kimball, NE 69145 United States of America
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Quick Facts About 1st Interstate Inn

1. Affordable price: Many reviewers appreciated the affordable price of the rooms at 1st Interstate Inn. This makes it attractive for budget-conscious travelers or those passing through town for a night.
2. Friendly and helpful staff: Multiple comments mention the friendly and personable staff at the inn, with the owner being specifically mentioned as kind and helpful. Good customer service can greatly enhance the overall experience for guests.
3. Cleanliness: Despite being an older motel, reviewers consistently noted that the rooms were clean. This is an important factor for guests as cleanliness is often prioritized when choosing accommodations.
4. Convenient location: The motel is situated near the interstate, making it easily accessible for travelers passing through town. This can be a major convenience for those looking for a convenient place to rest for the night while on a long journey.
5. On-site amenities: Several reviewers mentioned the presence of useful amenities such as microwaves, fridges, and customer washers and dryers. These amenities can enhance the comfort and convenience of guests during their stay.
1. Outdated rooms: Multiple comments mention that the rooms at 1st Interstate Inn are outdated. This can be a drawback for guests who prefer modern and updated accommodations.
2. Lack of soap: One guest mentioned that there was no soap provided at the sink or shower. This can be inconvenient for guests who do not bring their own toiletries or rely on the provision of basic amenities by the hotel.
3. Inconvenient HVAC control placement: One reviewer mentioned that the HVAC unit controls were located too high on the wall, requiring them to stand on a chair to access them. This can be an inconvenience for guests, especially those who are shorter in height and have difficulty reaching the controls.
4. Limited dining options: While there is a restaurant in the parking lot, one reviewer mentioned that the food was not seasoned well. This can be a drawback for guests who prefer a variety of dining options or expect quality food from the on-site restaurant.
5. Dated aesthetic: While some guests appreciated the vintage and cozy feel of the rooms, others may find the aged premises unappealing. Some guests may prefer more modern and updated accommodations.

Best TL Reviews

We needed an affordable place for the night as we were passing through town. Great price! Rooms are outdated but can't be the price for one night. Arrived a little late and she was super nice and gave us our rooms. Thank you ????
Room came with 2 fly swatters...and needed them both. Room was full of flies. But NO soap of any kind at the sink or shower. Luckily I brought my own in my camping kit. HVAC unit was located so high on the wall I needed to stand on a chair to see the controls - and I'm 5'10" tall. Obviously this was an older motel - but it was clean. Still had an actual key to the room instead of a electronic card! Staff was friendly, personable and helpful.
The Mr. Has a job here with his company we originally book a room for 10 days down the road at the days inn, but after his company friends staying here told us about this great diner and motel that's family run and owned we checked out after only one night and came here.. Owner was super nice helpful and checked us in within 3 mins. That was a plus after being on the road for almost 20 hours.. Everyone here is wonderful. The rooms are a little dated but your not going to be in the room but to sleep and shower because the outdoors are absolutely breath taking..The price is beyond great and the rooms are actually cleaner then most I've seen in small towns..
Nice Ma and Pa motel. Clean comfortable rooms. Bed was just right. Called and reserved 3 rooms. When we got here, owner had our keys ready and heat turned on. Owner was very nice to deal with. They also own the restaurant across from the motel. Would stay again if I’m in the area.
great price for rooms. also can't complain about quality of them either.
that restaurant is awful tho. they don't season they're food.
The gentleman that runs the motel was the kindest guy I’ve met and the rooms $50 on the dot even if you have more then 2 people or animals or if you’re a smoker he doesn’t charge extra and the rooms are vintage,cozy we loved it and would definitely recommend it to anyone in area looking for a room for a night!
Clean Comfortable older small town motel near the interstate...
Microwave and fridge, customer washer and dryers for a buck!
The bonus! There's a great restaurant in the parking lot... Good food and plenty of it.. The staff is very friendly and quick to get you taken care of..
Had planned on going about 60 m farther on my trip. Getting gas off I 80 at a Conoco and not wanting to drive in the icy conditions anymore, I checked my phone for nearby motels. 1st Interstate Inn showed up first only 100 ft away. Hadn't even noticed it. A remnant of the fast-disappearing mom and pop establishments, you need to stay here to experience what will soon become extinct. 60 years later, I still recall with fondness some of the same types of motels and their proprietors on our cross country trips as a kid. Loved the room! Large but wood paneling and a forest wall mural made it cozy. Some snobs will turn up their noses at the aged premises, but it was clean and very comfortable. Highly recommended.

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