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818S S Springfield Ave C, Bolivar, MO 65613 United States of America
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Quick Facts About Best Nails

1. Polite and knowledgeable nail technicians: The first comment mentions that the nail technicians at Best Nails place are polite and knowledgeable. This suggests that they have good customer service skills and are well-trained in their profession. This is a strength as it ensures a positive experience for customers.
2. Positive reviews and repeat customers: Several comments mention that the customers have had great experiences at Best Nails place and have been going there for a long time. This indicates that the salon has a loyal customer base and a good reputation. Positive reviews and repeat customers are a strength as they demonstrate customer satisfaction and trust in the salon's services.
3. Good job on nails: Multiple comments mention that the salon does a fantastic job on nails and that the customers have always been happy with the results. This suggests that the salon has skilled technicians who are able to deliver high-quality manicures and pedicures. Providing consistently good results is a strength as it ensures customer satisfaction and positive word-of-mouth referrals.
4. Efficient and punctual: One comment highlights that the salon honors appointments, with no waiting time, and has an organized and clean environment. This implies that the salon is efficient in managing appointments and providing a timely service. Being punctual and organized is a strength as it enhances the overall customer experience and shows professionalism.
5. Personalized care for customers: One comment mentions that Ken, one of the nail technicians, is careful and takes into account the customer's specific needs and health conditions. This shows that the salon is attentive to the individual needs of customers and provides personalized care. Offering personalized care is a strength as it creates a positive and safe environment for customers.
1. Inconsistent quality: One comment complains that the nails started chipping just two days after the service and expresses dissatisfaction with the high price paid. This suggests that there may be inconsistency in the quality of the services provided by Best Nails place. Inconsistency in quality is a weakness as it can lead to customer dissatisfaction and negative reviews.
2. Initial lack of friendliness: One comment suggests that the nail technicians at the salon may not be initially friendly, but become more friendly once the customers get to know them. This implies that the salon may not provide a welcoming and friendly atmosphere right from the start. The lack of initial friendliness is a weakness as it can make customers feel uncomfortable or unwelcome.
3. Limited information about nail technicians: The comments do not provide much information about the qualifications or experience of the nail technicians at Best Nails place. This lack of information can be a weakness as customers may prefer to know more about the expertise of the technicians before choosing a salon. Providing more information about the nail technicians could help build trust and attract more customers.
4. Absence of additional services mentioned: None of the comments mention any additional services offered by Best Nails place, such as nail art, gel extensions, or acrylic nails. This suggests that the salon may have a limited range of services, which can be a weakness when compared to competitors who offer a wider variety of options. Expanding the range of services could attract a larger customer base.
5. Lack of information about prices: The comments do not provide specific information about the salon's pricing structure. This lack of transparency regarding prices can be a weakness as customers may want to know the prices upfront to assess affordability. Providing clear and upfront pricing information can help customers make informed decisions and avoid any surprises or dissatisfaction related to prices.
In conclusion, Best Nails place has several strengths, such as polite and knowledgeable nail technicians, positive reviews from repeat customers, consistent good results, efficient and punctual service, and personalized care for customers. However, there are also weaknesses, including inconsistent quality, initial lack of friendliness, limited information about nail technicians, absence of additional services mentioned, and lack of information about prices. Identifying and addressing these weaknesses can help Best Nails place further improve its services and customer satisfaction.

Best TL Reviews

Awesome experience! Nail techs were polite and knowledgeable. Love my mani/pedi
This place is terrible do not waste ur money!!! My nails 2 days later already chipping!!!! I payed 75$ and it definitely is not worth it
We took a 3 generation nail day today! 2 of us had pedicures, and 3 of us had manicures! Such fun and the men did an awesome job! Thank you Ken and Peter!
They do a fantastic job on my nails every time never been disappointed
Great job on my dip nails
I have been going here for about a year, and have always had great nails! These guys are fun to be around, once you get to know them. Love the service!
Hands down, the best salon in town. (Pun intended). These guys always honor your appointment. No waiting, very efficient. The salon is clean and organized. They are super friendly and always make you feel welcomed. I’ve been using them every month for almost a year, and they continue to do an amazing job.
Ken is amazing and doesn't rush his work. He always is very careful knowing that if I get accidentally cut with a file or anything, I will bleed due to being on a blood thinner.

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