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Bow Tie Nail Bar

+1 850-279-6460
E -9702 United States, 4579 FL-20 STE 107, Niceville, FL 32578 United States of America
Open Today: 09:30 AM - 06:00 PM

Quick Facts About Bow Tie Nail Bar

1. Quick and accommodating service: The first comment mentions that the staff at Bow Tie Nail Bar were quick to get the customer in for an appointment, even at a late hour, and there was hardly any wait time. This shows that the salon values its customers' time and tries to accommodate their needs.
2. Friendly staff: Multiple comments highlight the friendly nature of the staff at Bow Tie Nail Bar. This creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for customers, enhancing their overall experience.
3. Good job on nails: The first comment also mentions that the salon did a great job on the customer's nails. This indicates that the salon is capable of providing high-quality nail services, satisfying the customers' expectations.
4. Professional and apologetic: Despite an unfortunate incident mentioned in one comment, the staff at Bow Tie Nail Bar handled the situation professionally. They took responsibility for the mistake, tried to rectify it, and even offered compensation by removing the cost of the manicure from the total price. This shows that the salon acknowledges and addresses customer concerns appropriately.
5. Trustworthy and loyal customer base: One comment mentions being a customer for two years and only trusting Bow Tie Nail Bar for nail services. This indicates that the salon has built a loyal customer base of satisfied customers, which speaks to the quality of their work and customer service.
6. Patient and attentive service: Another comment mentions that the staff, specifically Henry, was patient and understanding, listening to all requests and taking their time to ensure the customer was happy. This shows that the salon values customer satisfaction and goes above and beyond to meet their specific needs.
7. Attention to detail: In one comment, the customer expresses their satisfaction with the attention to detail given during their service, particularly during the pedicure. This showcases the salon's commitment to providing a thorough and meticulous service.
1. Inconsistent quality: One comment mentions that they gave the salon multiple chances but were consistently disappointed with the acrylic nail service. The customer states that the work is rushed, steps are skipped, and the overall quality is subpar. This indicates that there may be inconsistency in the service provided by the salon, leading to some customers being dissatisfied.
2. Lack of skill and expertise: In a negative review, a customer states that the staff member who performed their manicure cut their cuticles and fingers to the point of bleeding. This incident implies a lack of skill or care from the staff member, which can be concerning for customers seeking a safe and professional nail service.
3. Issues with customer satisfaction: Multiple negative reviews express dissatisfaction with the final result of the service and the customer's overall experience. Complaints range from crooked nails and a bad paint job to extended drying times. These issues suggest that the salon may struggle with consistently meeting customer expectations.
4. Negative attitude from staff: In one comment, the customer mentions that the staff member at Bow Tie Nail Bar had a negative attitude, which made the customer feel uncomfortable. This suggests a lack of professionalism and customer service skills within the salon.
Bow Tie Nail Bar has several strengths, including quick and accommodating service, friendly staff, and the ability to deliver good quality nail services. They also have a loyal customer base and provide patient and attentive service with attention to detail.
However, there are also weaknesses that the salon should address. Inconsistency in the quality of service, lack of skill and expertise resulting in accidents, issues with customer satisfaction, and negative attitudes from staff can all impact the overall customer experience. It is important for the salon to address these weaknesses and strive for improvement to maintain a positive reputation and retain customers.

Best TL Reviews

They were very nice and quick to get me in at almost 5:00pm and there was hardly a wait. They did not rush. Did a great job on my nails and were very friendly!
They’re okay average Niceville nail quality, gave them 2 chances and got a fill on my last nails today ($45) but I really hope the reviews push them to improve bc it’d be nice to have somewhere local that can hit the basic points w nails that make them “good”. It’s rushed, steps are skipped in process, very subpar work. Good people but not good quality unfortunately at least with acrylics. Think I’ll keep my business in the Destin area.
My first (and last) experience at the Bowtie Nail Bar was somewhat of a disaster. My pedicure was nice, no complaints there. However, the man who gave me a manicure completely ruined my experience. While he was cutting my cuticles, he was also cutting off pieces of finger flesh... to the point where I had 5 out of 10 nails bleeding simultaneously. (Attached a picture from 2 days later - still very sore to the touch and you can see a chunk of skin missing from my middle finger) To his credit, he did try to stop the bleeding by pouring some kind of alcohol on the cuts (which was not a pleasant experience). Something I found concerning was that despite the fact that he kept cutting too deep, he attempted to resume cutting cuticles once the bleeding slowed, and I actually had to tell him to stop and leave them as is. The paint job was fine overall, if you looked past the dried blood. Ending on a positive note, he did remove my manicure's cost from the total price, and the ladies who did my pedicure were professional and very apologetic.
I’ve been a customer for about two years! Literally the ONLY place I trust to do my nails and do them right! Lisa is the sweetest & always on time- not to mention she sticks to her appointment times and values her customers. Eric is a perfectionist but also open to suggestions when I need something fixed to my standards.
Love this place! I was super impressed with the quality of service! I am extremely OCD, and Henry was so patient and understanding! He listened to all of my requests and took his time to make sure I loved the end result. The pedicure was amazing. Do not skip out. The hot stones almost put me to sleep. Where some Nail salons rush through this process, I felt pampered and relaxed the whole time. I have gone to 4 different Nail salons in Niceville, and I have finally found the winner. ???????? Thank you so much Henry and Bow Tie Nail Bar for making my experience so wonderful!
I hate giving bad reviews. But I went into bow tie Nail Bar and I walked out of there almost in tears. I tried to explain to the man that did my nails that one was crooked and he proceeded to tell me that my finger was crooked. I was very unhappy when I left there. I spent 40 minutes underneath the dryer and my nails still weren't dry. He painted them so chunky. And he cut me with the Diamond Cutter 3 times . twice on the same finger. He was trying to be friendly but I could tell the attitude in his face and in his voice. I've had so many people recommend me to this place and I thought I'd try it the other day. I did and I was very unsatisfied. I will never return to Bow-Tie Nail Bar ever again. Honestly as soon as I left there I had to go to another nail salon to get them fixed. And they're still not the way that I wanted them. I have to wait until they grow out a little bit before I can go get them done again and have them the way that I want them.
I have really enjoyed this salon. They alway take time to make sure my nails are perfect and dry. The staff is very friendly. I will be coming back.
Absolutely incredible service from Lala. Called ahead to see if they could fit me in and she told me to come at 5:30 for a full set. I was a little worried because it was right before they closed, but she took her time and did such an amazing job. Will definitely be back as often as possible. I am soooo happy with my nails and the attention to detail.

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