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Passion Nails Spa

+1 321-773-7117
2348 N Hwy A1A, Melbourne, FL 32903 United States of America
Open Today: 09:00 AM - 07:00 PM

Quick Facts About Passion Nails Spa

Passion Nails Spa appears to have several strengths based on the comments provided. Firstly, customers consistently mentioned the professionalism and friendliness of the staff. The employees were described as attentive, patient, and accommodating, making the customers feel welcome and comfortable. This positive customer service experience is a strong aspect of the salon, as it contributes to a relaxing atmosphere.
Another strength of Passion Nails Spa is the quality of their services. Customers praised the nail technicians for their attention to detail and skill in executing various nail treatments, such as dipping powder, gel pedicures, and manicures. Many customers expressed their satisfaction with the final results, mentioning that their nails turned out beautiful and received numerous compliments. This indicates that the salon provides top-quality services and delivers what customers request.
Additionally, Passion Nails Spa seems to have a wide selection of nail colors and brands. This variety creates more options for customers to choose from, allowing them to find the perfect shade that suits their preference. This range of choices adds value to the salon's service offerings and enhances the overall customer experience.
The salon's cleanliness is also mentioned as a strength. Customers noted that Passion Nails Spa is clean and well-maintained, which is important in creating a hygienic environment for nail services. A clean salon promotes customer confidence and ensures that they are receiving services in a safe and sanitary setting.
Convenience and availability of appointments are mentioned as positive aspects of Passion Nails Spa. Some customers stated that it was easy to schedule appointments, highlighting the salon's efficiency in accommodating their needs. This is valuable for customers who appreciate flexibility and prompt service.
Passion Nails Spa also appears to have a strong connection with the local community. Many customers mentioned that the salon was a spot frequented by locals, and some customers even mentioned that people knew each other’s names. This sense of community fosters a positive rapport between the salon and its customers, leading to loyal patronage and word-of-mouth referrals.
While the comments focus on positive aspects, it is important to consider the weaknesses of Passion Nails Spa based on the information provided. One potential weakness could be the availability of staff. Although the comments mentioned that the salon accommodated the customers' needs, it is not clear whether this was a common occurrence or just a one-time event. If the salon consistently experiences high demand but lacks the necessary staff to accommodate all customers, it could lead to longer wait times or difficulty in getting appointments.
Another potential weakness could be the salon's pricing. While none of the comments directly mention the prices of services at Passion Nails Spa, it is important to consider this aspect as it can significantly affect the overall customer experience. If the prices are considered high or unaffordable by some customers, it may limit the salon's customer base and hinder its potential growth.
In conclusion, Passion Nails Spa has several strengths based on the comments provided. These include excellent customer service, skilled technicians, a wide range of nail colors and brands, a clean environment, convenience in appointment scheduling, and a strong sense of community. However, potential weaknesses could include staffing limitations and pricing considerations. Overall, the salon seems to have a positive reputation and provides high-quality nail services to its customers.

Best TL Reviews

Super happy I found this place while on vacation for a couple days on Melbourne Beach! I needed my nails done before returning home to NH. Saw all the amazing reviews and they didn’t disappoint! Sophie did the dipping powder and took her time making sure my nails were done right and they turned out beautiful!! I wish she lived near me! Everyone was super friendly and the salon had such a relaxing atmosphere! My husband got a pedicure by Linda while I was getting my nails done! He said he was impressed! Highly recommend this place if you live near by or are in town visiting! Thank you to the Passions Staff for taking care of us!!
This place is amazing. Great owners and great staff. We hit them with 4 of us at once and accommodated our every need! Had my first pedicure and it was amazing! The wife and sister in law got pedicures,nails, and facial waxing and loved it! I have a special needs daughter who decided to get her first manicure and nails painted and they we were so good and patient with her and made her at ease and she loved it and felt like a little princess! Can't say enough good things about our experience here! Will definitely be back when we are in town!
I’m so glad I read these reviews and decided to try Passion Nails in my search for a new salon in this area. Randy was so attentive in listening to what I wanted (I’m pretty particular) and he did a perfect job, I keep catching myself admiring my new manicure. I’m so happy with my nails and I felt so welcome and comfortable during my appointment. They really make you feel at home, everyone is so friendly and sweet! If you need a place to do a great dip nail, you definitely should stop in and give this place a try!
The absolute best nail salon! I am so glad I found Passion Nails and Suki. Love my nails! Everyone there is so nice and talented. The color selection is amazing, huge selection of colors and brands. Very clean, top quality services, good prices, and easy to get an appointment. Love them!
Yesterday was my first time at this nail salon- it will definitely become my new spot! I had a dip manicure as well as a pedicure, both were fantastic. The pedicure was one of the best I’ve had. I highly recommend this business if you are looking for quality work! I’d also like to add, everyone was very friendly and professional. Lots of locals come here, and everyone knew each other’s names. It’s a great spot.
I went to Passion Nails for the first time this past week and I'm super happy with my nails! I’m VERY picky with my nails, how thick they are, how even they are, how each nail design and shape should look the same on each hand..I’ve said for a long time that it’s hard to find a nail salon where i’m not messing with them after I get home to fix something about them. I know I’ve only been here once, but they set a really great first impression. Suki did my nails and I'm looking forward to seeing her again! I asked her to remove the acrylic I had done from another salon, included the tips I had on, and she did this really cute glitter ombré with the dip powder instead. Exactly what I wanted:) she worked quick and was very sweet. I appreciate her professionalism and I’ll be back to see her again soon!! Thank you Suki!
So excited to finally find my new nail salon! Sophie did an amazing job on my gel pedicure and I returned a few days later to get a beautiful dip manicure for a wedding (see below, I received so many compliments on how pretty they looked!). It is a family run business and all of them (especially Randy) were very welcoming, sociable and fun! Very grateful to have found a place I can go get spoiled and feel comfortable with my nail services! Thank you Sophie!
I decided to choose this nail salon because I was on vacation in the area. It was my first time getting dip and I absolutely loved my nails. The design was exactly like the picture and I have gotten so many compliments on my nails. The staff was very friendly and I would definitely go back there if I lived nearby.

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  • Wheelchair accessible entrance
  • Wheelchair accessible parking lot


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