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401 Main St #1, East Orange, NJ 07018 United States of America
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Quick Facts About E Nails

E Nails Place, based on the comments provided, has both strengths and weaknesses. It is essential to thoroughly evaluate the salon based on these comments in order to make an informed decision.
Starting with the strengths, one commenter mentioned receiving excellent customer service from the moment they arrived until they left. Friendly and attentive customer service is a significant strength for any business, as it enhances the overall experience for clients. Another positive aspect is that they have a loyal customer who has been going there for 17 years, specifically recommending a nail technician named Kim. Long-standing customers indicate that there is something positive about the salon which keeps them coming back for almost two decades. This loyalty demonstrates the salon's ability to build and maintain a strong customer base.
Additionally, a different commenter appreciated the local aspect of the salon, and described it as a good spot for a quick run. Being a local and convenient salon can attract customers who value accessibility and convenience above all else. Another strength noted is their good customer service, which can greatly contribute to customer satisfaction.
However, the comments also revealed several weaknesses that potential customers should consider. One major issue mentioned by multiple commenters is the inconsistency and quality of the nails done at the salon. There were complaints about sloppy work, crooked nails, bulky and uneven nails, and designs not meeting expectations. These negative experiences indicate a lack of attention to detail and a lack of skill or consistency among the technicians.
Another weakness mentioned is the rush in service. Commenters noted feeling rushed during their appointments, leading to poor quality service. Rushed service can result in sloppy work, as mentioned by a commenter who received a gel manicure that ended up being ruined. It's important for a salon to strike a balance between efficiency and effectiveness.
Additionally, some commenters noted issues regarding unnecessary pressure to get additional services, particularly eyebrow work. This can be seen as pushy and disrespectful towards customers who have clearly expressed no interest. This behavior can create an uncomfortable atmosphere for customers.
Furthermore, multiple commenters mentioned the need for a makeover or improvement in the salon's physical appearance. This suggests that the salon may lack a modern and clean environment, which can affect the overall experience for clients.
In conclusion, E Nails Place has both strengths and weaknesses. Their strong points include good customer service, loyal long-term customers, and a local and convenient location. However, weaknesses such as inconsistent and subpar nail work, rushed service, unnecessary pressure for additional services, and the need for a physical makeover are important factors to consider. It is crucial for potential customers to thoroughly evaluate the salon based on these comments and consider whether the strengths outweigh the weaknesses for their needs and preferences.

Best TL Reviews

They ruined my gel manicure. The lady in the first seat by the door rushes when doing your nails and the work is sloppy I would never go there again…. Ever!!!!
The atmosphere and smell for me is why I give this a 3 star & not 5. However I did receive excellent customer service from when you get there to when you depart. You will be asked if you want to do your eyebrows constantly, as I read in the reviews.No attitude is needed just simply say no. I got a pedicure which was fast & neat.
Not very impressed with design work. Asked for a gel pastel wave design. Ended up paying 70 for a Mani Pedi of this and pink toes. Woman kept telling me I needed an eyebrow job when my brows are fine. I feel like it's kinda rude to rush the design and then half insult someone when they expressed no interest in getting their brows done. She also didn't mirror the design, so both waves on the fingers go the same way
My local go to nail salon, offering service with a smile! its why I come back. I was especially happy with my last visit. Thank you
I've been going here for 17 years... ask for Kim and you won't be disappointed..
First of all I told her from the start that my nails were crooked . She kept laughing and didn’t fix the problem at all. My nails were bulky and uneven. She had gotten mad when I told her to take them off and started handling my hands roughly. My feet were rushed Wouldn’t recommend this place.
Decent spot. They do an okay job with your nails. Local and very nice. Good customer service. The place need a makeover but overall good spot for a quick run
The one with the short hair needed NOT to be there. She messy she need to stick to eyebrows. She don't know jack about nails. I made her do it over after 2 days they broke up. Cause she in too much of a damn hurry. Dizzy broad.???? Don't get in her chair.

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