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Quick Facts About USA Nails

USA Nails has several strengths based on the positive comments given. Firstly, the owners, Nancy and John, are described as pleasant, sociable, and friendly. This creates a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for clients. Additionally, despite there being only two workers, they are able to handle a significant number of clients, indicating efficient teamwork and time management skills. Furthermore, the owners go above and beyond to accommodate last-minute appointments, indicating a flexible and customer-oriented approach.
Another strength of USA Nails is the quality of their work. Many clients complimented the amazing work and talent of the owners, indicating that they are skilled and experienced in their craft. The fact that clients consistently choose to have their nails done at USA Nails and have never had any issues further supports the quality of their work.
Another area where USA Nails excels is in their availability and scheduling. Clients mentioned that getting an appointment is easy and that the owners work hard to ensure clients get their scheduled time. This demonstrates good organization and efficiency in managing appointments. Additionally, the owners have extended hours of operation from 10am-8pm Monday through Saturday, providing flexibility for clients with different schedules.
USA Nails also receives praise for their friendly and helpful staff. Clients mention that the staff is extremely friendly and accommodating, even in the face of difficult clients. This shows that the staff maintains professionalism and a positive attitude regardless of the circumstances. They are also responsive to scheduling requests and take pride in their work, creating a positive customer experience.
A significant weakness highlighted by one comment is the behavior of the lady who owns the place. The commenter describes her as rude and unprofessional, not listening to scheduling requests and displaying favoritism towards other clients. This behavior creates a negative atmosphere and may deter some clients from returning.
Lastly, there is a comment about difficulties in canceling an appointment due to a car accident. The commenter states that despite calling multiple times, the owner did not answer and refused to acknowledge the cancellation until a message was delivered through the mall office. This lack of communication and unresponsiveness is a weakness in terms of customer service and professionalism.
In conclusion, USA Nails has several strengths that contribute to its positive reputation, such as a friendly and sociable atmosphere, quality work, efficient scheduling, and helpful staff. However, there are areas for improvement, particularly in the behavior and professionalism of the female owner and the responsiveness to customer calls. Overall, the strengths outweigh the weaknesses, making USA Nails a popular choice for nail services in Defiance.

Best TL Reviews

The best place in Defiance to get your nails done! The owners are Nancy & John. They are always so pleasant and sociable. It’s only the 2 of them working there, and they work amazing as a team! They handle a lot of clients and do their BEST to work in clients last minute and regular scheduled appointments. They are always great at getting my appointment scheduled for the same or next day. They work hard to make sure you get your scheduled time when you walk in. They do amazing work! I don’t go anywhere else. Before I found them I had a few really bad experiences. Now I always have them do my nails. Never had any issues. And check out how freakin’ stinkin’ cute my Christmas nails are! They are both so talented! ❤️ thank you Nancy for the cute Christmas art work!
The best place in Defiance to get your nails done.
Nancy & John are always so pleasant and kind. With only the 2 of them working there, they handle a lot of business and do their BEST to work in clients last minute and regular scheduled appointments. Hours are 10am- 8pm Monday through Saturday.
Loved the way my nails turned out and Nancy was super sweet and friendly would definitely recommend
Not very happy with the service. Manicurist more interested in watching TV. My nails are shorter then I requested. The gel power polish is very thick and not natural looking at all. There are bubbles in one nail. My regular manicurist had a car accident and I had to find someone to help me out. Never again! Worst of all it cost $48!
This is my go to spot for my nails and pedicures. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful to everyone even when faced with bigoted treatment from clients. They are a popular place so you will need to make an appointment at least a day before you want your service. I have been nothing less than pleased with the service I have received. I recommend them to people new to the area.
Friendly, concencious about your time, very responsive about scheduling appointments, clean and takes pride in their work...Nancy is great! With only 2 of them vacations and days off are far and few between. They work so hard so bekind and patient ♡
I have been going to this business for about 4 years. Got to know the workers and even some clientele when I do show up. I can honestly say I am pleased with how they have always taken care of me, even the manager tries to get me in a little sooner if she has cancelations. Suggestions are always welcome, and even my niece is welcome to join me when I get services done.
Not everyone is always kind that walks in , but they have never showed me anything but kindness and professionalism.
Definitely recommend ????
The lady that owns the place along with her husband is rude and doesn’t listen when I have asked twice before to schedule an appt for the following day because they do not schedule ahead of time for appts prior to wanting an appt in two days so I call the day before. I would not have scheduled my appt on the days I work in the afternoons and I get a call the same day I scheduled the appt but it was for the following day and she calls me that day “you don’t come” Huh? I did not schedule for today I told her I scheduled for the following day because I was working during that phone call from her and she said I scheduled for today. NO I did not. I have tried being myself and personable with her and her husband but she has never been personable with me but anyone else that comes in she is nice and asks about their life and kids. Never have I been treated nicely except her husband. I have no idea what I have done to be treated this way. I am very pleased with him and doing my nails but I believe she is not professional. She takes appointments by phone numbers and I had to cancel appointment due to a car accident and I called seven times after they had opened to pick up the phone to let them know that I wouldn’t actually make it for that appointment due to my accident. Not once did she pick it up at the 7 times I tried calling and she knows exactly what my phone number is and she refused to answer I didn’t want to be called out that I didn’t call to cancel my appointment that was at 6 o’clock she blatantly ignored my phone call so I called the mall office had them deliver a message to her to let them know and I would not be coming to my appointment. Husband does a great job but she could use some kindness in her life. I am a professional as well and a small business owner and I do not treat my clients like this.

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